Receive two complimentary grandparent albums

when you book a photo experience with luxury family album

Grandparents love to view photos of their children and grandchildren, especially when they live far away.


Can you imagine how wonderful they’d feel receiving an album with all of their loves ones in it!

Your parents will love those, especially when they live far away.

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Do you never get round to creating those beautiful family albums?

You’ve always wanted beautiful family photos printed in a gorgeous album? But you’re busy juggling life as it and just the thought of organising a shoot, choosing photos and designing an album fills you with dread?

Could you imagine though, you’d ONLY have to show up at your photo session and enjoy precious time with your family?

That’s why you’ll love working with me!

I’ll organise everything around your shoot and provide you with a gorgeous album, showing off all your favourite photos.

It’s that easy!


And now imagine your parents receiving a copy of the album:

They will look at it for months and maybe even shed some tears. Granddad will carry it everywhere and show it around so proudly. Grandma will have it in her handbag and take it to the hairdresser and for coffee with her friends.

Your parents will be ever so happy!!!

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When we opened the box of our album, wow, …what to say… everything was soooooo beautiful. The quality, everything! We simply loved it!

Angelica, July 2020

dad cuddling his toddler boy while riding his bobby car, at a family photo session in Irchel Park Campus Zurich

The best present you will give this year

lifestyle family photographer Kati from Zürich, posing in a field filled with buttercup

How it works:

You book my Premium Collection: a custom session that includes a luxury album and all successful images from your session as digital files.

I gift you two A5 copies (or one A4) of your album as a Thank You. Grandparents love those! That’s a saving of CHF 500 for you!

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Hi, I am Kati

Mum of a gorgeous little boy and wife to the cuddliest bear on earth.

I believe in love at first sight, my favourite food is sushi and ice cream (not together of course, don’t be silly) and I am obsessed with yellow.

I am here to help families like yours celebrate life and parenthood, with genuine, heartwarming photos of your loved ones.

lifestyle family photographer Kati from Zürich, posing in a field filled with buttercup

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How it works

little girl cuddling her newborn baby brother during a family photo and film session in Oberrieden

Your Consultation

We meet at your home or via video call, to get to know each other, so everyone feels more comfortable at your photo session.

Also, we’ll talk about what makes you click, what makes you laugh, and what moments and emotions you want to remember. It will help to get the most out of your session and the memories you really want.

I’ll also be answering all your questions, so that you feel well prepared.

Your Session

We meet at your home or your favourite outdoor place for your session.

You’ll have an amazing quality time with your family, and I’ll be there to record all the love and emotions you have for one another. All in your own time.

little girl holding on to her parents hands, during a photo shoot in Kilchberg
Family walking at Albispass with mountain view

Reveal Day

After careful selection, you’ll see all successful images from your shoot in a slideshow, in the comfort of your own home. No need for you to find a babysitter or to get out of your comfy clothes (but you may need your tissues).

You’ll enjoy your images and I’ll be there to help you choose your favourites for your album, which I’ll then design.

Product Delivery

Get the champagne flowing!

I’ll personally deliver your products to your home (I do love to visit my clients) and you needn’t stress that you may miss the delivery man.

I’ll bring everything to you, beautifully wrapped, at a time convenient for you.

little boy screaming in pleasure, happiness

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Not ready yet? Why not JOIN MY YELLOW TRIBE to be the first to hear about special events.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

Simply fill out the contact form below and I’ll give you a call. To secure your date and time, you’ll be asked to pay an advance of CHF500, which will then be used as credit towards your collection purchase.

Where do you live and how far do you travel?

I live in Zurich Zone 110 and I am happy to travel to your home or a favourite place of yours. The session fee includes travel within 25 km of my home. If you live further afield, I charge an additional CHF 1 per kilometre.

Do you work on weekends?

Of course! I am photographing families, so I appreciate that most parents have commitments during the week. And before you ask, no, I don’t charge extra for it.

How much does it cost and what will I receive?

The Premium Collection includes a wonderful high-quality album, containing the images of your session, as well as all successful images from your session in digital high-resolution. You’ll also receive album copies complimentary: either two size A5 or one size A4).

This would usually cost CHF 2700, but you’ll only pay CHF 2200, saving you CHF 500!

Will you give us advice what to wear?

Of course I will! If required, I’ll even go through your wardrobe with you together, picking the best pieces to suit weather and season, and to match with the rest of the family.

What if it rains on the day?

Because weather forecasts aren’t always right, I tend to wait till an hour before the shoot to make a judgement. Together we will decide if we should postpone or go ahead. However, a shoot in the light drizzle can be just as nice as the surrounding nature is much more contrasty when wet.

little girl standing on tiptoes to give her daddy a kiss, during a family photo shoot in Horgen
mum being hugged by her 6 year old son showing so much love, during a photo shoot at Belvoir Park Zurich
What if I only need one album for grandparents?

You can certainly have only one album. Albums come in sets of one size A4 or two size A5. 

When will our images be ready?

The choosing and preparing of your images usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. I’ll then be in touch to arrange the reveal session.

Family films, however, take around 6 weeks due to the intense editing time involved.

Will the session be in English or German?

I am fluent in both languages. So, whichever is more comfortable for you, is good for me. It is your experience, and I want you to have a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Do you edit all the images?

At the reveal session, you will be presented with all successful images from your session. These images have had a quick edit to correct white balance, exposure etc. Once we have settled which images you’d prefer in colour and which in b/w, I’ll edit each photo individually, giving them the final look as part of the photography process.

Can I receive the raw, unedited photographs?

Raw or unedited images are not available for purchase. The finished product is an edited jpeg image, which is part of my artistic interpretation and the entire photography experience.

Can some of our images be delivered in black&white and colour?

I guess it’s an aesthetic choice. My style – I believe most images work either in colour or black&white, but not both. Therefore, images created in black&white are only available in black&white, and, images in colour will only be delivered in colour. However, the choice of colour and black&white images is entirely up to you. Based on my taste and experience, I usually produce a variety of each to give you an idea. but I am more than happy to accommodate your preferences. We will talk about this in the initial consultation.

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Let’s Plan Your Session