Why video at your family photography session?

Jun 14, 2019

Yes, you might say that you don’t feel comfortable being filmed. I get that. But…. just imagine this: how incredible would it be for your kids to watch the video once they are older or even grown up and seeing YOU in it!!! Because they don’t remember you, how you looked and how you were, when they were that little. So just imagine how wonderful it must be for them to see YOU ALL playing together, laughing, cuddling and hugging, running and romping about together. Your kids will LOVE seeing their parents on film! Such precious memories for them!

Videography adds sooooo much to your photography session. It is that special little extra that photography alone just cannot capture. Sure, with modern technology and mobile phones we have thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of our kids. But how often do you ask someone else to take a photo or video of your whole family together. 

Now imagine you spend time with your family and are being photographed as well as filmed. An ordinary day together, just having fun. You, your partner in crime and your kid(s). Then imagine you watch a video of this day. This family is YOU, YOUR LIFE, YOUR HAPPINESS. And by the time you watch it, it’s already history, i.e. memories! Precious memories you can appreciate forever.

You know how little Nicholas will ADORE this video, seeing his mummy and daddy and doggy Oscar with him as a baby. Or how mummy will treasure the memories of breastfeeding her little bundle, or how daddy will enjoy watching the scene when he was still able to throw his tiny son in the air 🙂

So why would you want video as well as photos? Because it could be one of the most amazing gifts for your children for the future.