Baby kissing her mum
mum with both her daughters on the swing
Dad reading to baby daughter
Mum cuddling with her daughters

You don’t think you need a film with your family photography? Read this! – Zürich Family Photographer


What makes video so different to photography?

Did you know that getting a professional FAMILY FILM for your tribe is the NEXT BIG TREND in family photography in 2021? Have you ever considered getting a family film of your own family? No??? Because you don’t know anyone who has ever done it? But how would it feel if you were the one starting a new movement in your circle of friends and families!!

Now, close your eyes and think about moments with your kid(s) you would love to hold on forever. Imagine a family film, featuring YOU together with YOUR CHILDREN: playing, running around, cuddling, jumping on the bed together, kissing, baking together, basically doing the things you do on a regular basis. YOU and YOUR TRIBE.

mummy with baby boy

When I watched other family films, I liked them but didn’t think I want one. But seeing my own family film now, OMG I sooooo NEED this!!!


Family Films are all about capturing the INTERACTION and EMOTIONS between family members. It is about creating a memory of your daily life at it is, at this moment in time. The idea is that you enjoy some quality time with your family, while I document everything that is going on.

But what is the difference to photos? It’s simple:

You can’t capture MOVEMENT and SOUND in photos.

Now you might ask why you would want to do that anyway. Let’s have a look together below at some snippets of a family film.

BABY REACHING FOR MUM: What a heart-warming moment when baby reaches out for cuddles. Any mum would melt! How we will long for the touch of baby hands on our face in a few years time.

DAD READING A STORY: What a wonderful scene to remember, your baba sitting in your lap and you reading their favourite stories.

THE LITTLE DETAILS: What is more adorable than little details like hands, feet, lashes etc. The way little chubby baby hands move and grab, or the way little baby toes curl.

MUM ON SWINGS HOLDING BOTH GIRLS: Now imagine that is you in many years, looking back, swinging happily with both your children. What a memory to have!

BABY NOICES: I mean, how can you not melt hearing a baby trying to communicate? It is so utterly adorable! It doesn’t last long and we will forget. One reason being that most parents are like never-sleeping zombies when their children are that age.

BIG GIRL SWINGING ON HER TUMMY: There are certain things that kids do but adults would never, like using the swing on your tummy. This is so funny and adorable at the same time.

CUDDLES WITH YOUR BABIES: Seeing yourself cuddling with your little kids and remembering the touch of their soft and delicate skin. And did you see how big sister adores little sister?

DAD PLAYING WITH BABY: How amazing will it be for your child to see her daddy playing with her as a baby? And did you see the foot touching dad’s chin? I used to sit with my son like that and he used to do exactly the same. How cute.

BIG SISTER STROKING LITTLE SISTER’S HEAD: At the times, when they are fighting over toys and pulling each others hair (well let’s hope that will not happen), you will love to have this memory of your big daughter gently stroking little sister’s head.

TODDLER PUTTING ON SOCKS AND SHOES: I love this scene so much! It is hard to describe what is so admirable about this scene, it just is. It’s the little details, the mundane. We often don’t even think about them, and yet they are so worth remembering.

“I can easily film my children myself”

… you might say. I agree, and these little videos are fabulous memories to have. BUT,

YOU will not be in it. Not as a complete family.

Having a professional photographer filming your family, carefully CURATING and EDITING all these INCREDIBLE LITTLE SCENES together to create a VIDEO that tells YOUR STORY, will make you cry, that’s a promise. But it will also be a WONDERFUL MEMORY FOR YOUR FAMILY back home, who haven’t seen, let alone cuddled, you and your kids for so long. And it doesn’t matter whether you think you don’t look perfect or you don’t like your own voice, you ARE perfect for your family. Because they don’t just miss their grandkids, they also miss their kids and brothers, sisters and good friends.

And this is why you should have a family film:


Watching the video, hearing your and your kids’ VOICES, and seeing their grandchildren, nieces or nephews babble away or crawl for the first time, while witnessing your AFFECTION for one another, your family will be so grateful to you and possibly love you even more. Just trust me on that.


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pregnant mum in flower field

The video is absolutely amazing! We really love EVERYTHING about it, every little detail and smile you captured and moments we didn’t even know were being filmed …. So lovely…


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