What are Photography Mini Sessions?


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Family photos are a wonderful way to capture and celebrate your unit of love.

With the hectic schedules of today’s families, it is easy for those important milestones to be missed sometimes.

But you not only document precious moments in time for yourself as parents. You’ll create ever-lasting heirlooms for your children: they will love viewing photos of themselves with their mum and dad, and showing them to their own children too!

If you’ve been busy but crave gorgeous photos of your family, then a Mini Session might be perfect for you.

So let’s dive straight in.

What are Mini Sessions?

Consider a Mini Session like a little 30-minute taster session.

You’ll be getting just as beautiful photos of your family but in a shorter amount of time.

The only condition, in contrast to a full session with me, is that the shoot will be taking place at a particular date, time and location.

I am offering these usually twice a year, in Spring and Autumn, and they are hugely popular.


Perfect for you if:

You love being outdoors with your kids and prefer authentic family photos, involving lots of fun and cuddles.

You crave gorgeous photos of the little people you created.

You really like to have a wonderful image of the entire family, including YOU.

You’re worried that the kids won’t last long and start ‘misbehaving’ on a longer session.

You’d love to make only a smaller investment.


Why am I offering these?

Spring and Autumn are such beautiful seasons! I’d love to give families, who do not want to invest in a full session with me, the opportunity to get some amazing portraits of their families.

mommy and son at Katzensee, Zürich, standing by the lake and admiring the colourful autumn leaves

Kati took some gorgeous and natural shots of us amid the autumn leaves, and we will treasure these forever. She entertained our toddler, who hates having his photo taken, and managed to get some of the best ever images of him.



Pricing and Availability

In general, Mini Sessions cost CHF250, which includes 5 digital images in high resolution.

Since these sessions are very popular, I’ve created a VIP list for families to register their interest throughout the year. This way, I can learn how many slots I need to provide.

Families, who are on the list, will get priority for booking as well as an Early Bird Offer.


How to prepare for your Mini Session

There is not much to do for you.

I always ask parents not to prep the kids, because the shoot is meant to be joyful.

No need for you to stress about the kids to behave. Kids are generally inquisitive little creatures and will show interest once we start the shoot.

And even if they are not necessarily in the mood, I’ve not had one family that didn’t walk away with beautiful images of their children in the many years I’ve been photographing kids. 


Props and Wardrobe Styling Advice

Feel free to bring bubbles or your child’s favourite cuddly toy along. Or anything else you think would help to tell your family story.

For smaller kids, it’s always good to have a little blanket to sit them on.

With regard to clothes, I usually suggest neutral and natural colours rather than contrasting and very bright colours. Also, checks and stripes, or clothes with large logos should be avoided.

Having said that, if your favourite is a red dress and your partner’s favourite a stripy black and white shirt, then please do wear it. It is so important for you to feel comfortable.


What about the Weather?

Outdoor shoots are dependent on the weather, but I don’t believe in the weather forecast. Yep!

I generally wait till one hour before the shoot to make a decision regarding the weather.

A cloudy sky or a little drizzle shall not detain us! Rain boots and umbrellas always make for cute accessories. And wet grounds, leaves and blossoms are actually more contrasty and hence even more beautiful!

I do recommend though you have a change of clothes for the kids with you so that they don’t get cold on the way home.


What to expect during your Mini Session

The shoot will be relaxed and fun.

It’s not necessarily about the perfect image, it’s more about capturing your family and your emotions for one another.

We usually start off with you walking back and forth together, playing with each other, and I will occasionally make suggestions to move you better into the light or call you to look into the camera.


After the Photo Shoot

About 2 weeks after the photoshoot, you will receive a link to a password-protected online gallery. From there, you can choose your images included in the session fee from about 30 in total.

Following this, I will edit your chosen images individually to give them their final look.

You are more than welcome to purchase more images, should you not be able to choose just 5.


Why choose me for your Mini Session?

You will have a fun-filled and relaxed session!

Plus, you’ll receive beautiful images of your family, showing your love and affection for one another.

Having more than 9 years of experience working with kids, I can make almost every child (and grown-ups) giggle with awesome silly noises.

And that’s why you hire me. I am giving you quality time with your family –  laughter and cuddles guaranteed.

A Mini Session is perfect for you if you are busy, don’t have too much time to commit but so long for a family photo of all of you together.


You can get started today by signing up to my VIP list, so you’ll be the first to know about upcoming sessions and will receive priority for booking. 

Got any questions?

Feel free to get in touch for an informal chat Just fill out the form and I’ll give you a call. Speak soon!

siblings playing in water at Irchelpark Zurich

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