Welcome to my new website

Feb 7, 2019

Hi everyone and thank you so much for visiting my new website. Yes, I finally did it!!! I have been thinking about it for years but never found the time to actually do it…. I guess I have been moving around the world a bit too much…

After having spent so many years in Manchester and building my venture there, I dearly miss it. Especially all my friends! And I truly enjoyed living in Manchester. It’s a pretty cool city, full of history and with amazing architecture.

Anyway, our year in Toronto was also pretty extraordinary! What a great city, what a beautiful people, what a gorgeous country! It is hard to find words how much we enjoyed the year. We would have loved to stay longer, but it is very far away from home and friends.

Apropos home, we have now set up our tent (not literally of course, hehe) in Zurich, Switzerland, and hope to stay for a bit longer than a year… The landscape is equally as beautiful as Canada, everything is just a tad smaller and more populated. But we love our new apartment and surroundings: we are in the city and yet have woods, fields, farms and a 24hour fresh milk vending machine next door… what is not to like!!! The boy likes it here too; he was recently tobogganing down the hill in his fireman bob all by himself … and was super proud.

Once I have caught up with everything, I will tell more about our adventures in Canada and our arrival in Switzerland. For now, have a good day! x

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