Reform Your Lifestyle – Meet Kata the Personal Trainer

A fabulous recommendation from family photographer Kati

Are you planning to get fitter in 2022?

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you have any? Do you like setting them up?

I am starting the year with a few intentions. Not too many, just a few plans for the first half of the year. Because I believe coming up with too many New Year’s resolutions is overwhelming and discouraging at the same time.

Last year I started implementing my idea of collaborating with local businesses and introduced Caspar Kids Store in my blog. It’s a gorgeous shop for furniture, toys and other beautiful kids products. You can read it here.

Today I’d love to introduce Kata, because it’s the perfect time for it.

6 months & still going strong with Kata. I can’t think of anyone more amazing to help keep you motivated and going, even when you think you just can’t anymore. She’s always creative with her workouts too, so you never get bored. I’ve changed many bad habits & my whole mindset about what it is to be fit & healthy. I’ve come a long way from where I began & all thanks to this brilliant trainer + coach


Kata is an exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle coach and can help busy mums and dads like you find a more balanced work-family-life.

She’s also a mum of two, a wife, a professional, friend of many,  a sister, a daughter, a worrier, a warrior, on both ends of jokes, and a lifelong learner balancing life, work, and fun. 

She also used to be a person dancing through the night, never backing down from a challenge and following all the adventures she came across. Even more, if it involved being active!

Kata is often met with the question ‘But how does someone find the time for all this?’. Sure, we are all busy parents, trying to fit work and family into the same day. And a lot of us sacrifice self-care for it.

That’s why you need a Kata in your life. She helps parents find time for themselves, with a focus on their health and general well-being. Because when we are happy with ourselves, we are also better parents, right?

Kata loves to work with mums

Many mums don’t seem to be happy with their appearance or in general with their bodies. When working with Kata, she addresses this issue and helps to find the right exercises and a balanced nutrition for better physical health. 

However, there are often other issues that need to be sorted too. Adding coaching to the program helps parents explore their motives for change and find their core values.

Kata says: “Realizing that aims, goals and values are changing according to the stage you are in can help a lot in letting go of broken dreams and bitterness and can open a door to a more forward focused approach to life that has a place for reflection, learning from the past, enjoying the present and having constructive but fluid vision for the life ahead.”

Kata’s Five Principle Ways of helping mums

1, Don’t let society’s perceived expectations hold you back from delegating tasks to others.

Society puts great pressure on women. Break free! Find a way to be happy about yourself and don’t let anyone else guilt trip you!

You are not a neglecting, non-liberal mom if you expect your kids to chip in around the house or at least put on and away their own clothes. This is where you teach them to be independent.

You are not going to be any lesser wife if you share the household chores with your husband or you hire help. Don’t think short about yourself if your family orders food instead of cooking every single day, or you have a cleaner. As long as everyone is fed in a balanced way and the place is reasonably clean, you work as a team, you are all good.

And sure, have “me-time”, but by all means, don’t create extra stress to find time to release stress.  


2, Be clear on your expectations and communicate them clearly.

We are good at overthinking things. But when was the last time we actually said or heard what we thought or what the other had to say? It is hard sometimes not to get hurt ahead of actually saying what we think and receiving the answer to it. “I won’t even start explaining this to you, you’ll never understand”. Sounds familiar? 

Instead, try to explain your problem, Say what you think and what you feel, and listen to the other and hear their words instead of making up their answer. 

It is surprisingly hard and extremely rewarding.


3, Move and exercise like your life was the playing field where you are the Champion.

Exercising has great effects on your body, on your mental health, your longevity, your family, everything. But there is no reason to do something that you don’t like. 

Find a routine that supports your lifestyle, that makes you stronger and more successful in what you are doing and what you are after.


4, Focus on variety and colours when it comes to your plate.

Make sure that your plate is always a rainbow of colours, your food is seasoned with herbs rather than salt, and balanced between food groups.

Pre-washed salad, seasonings, canned and frozen -but not processed- vegetables and fruit, microwave to prep, reasonable takeaway …. They are all options if you run out of leftovers.


5, Consistency is the key… A small, thin, easy-to-lose VIP key.

Changes aren’t happening overnight. But If you do your work to change, let that be food plan, exercise, or coaching, and as long as you are consistent, your progress will be there.

Don’t give up because it is easier to go back to the way you were. There was a reason for you to start breaking out from there.

Kata provides her course through an online platform, All the exercises and the nutrition plan are there for you to access at any time of the day, meaning you don’t have to be present at a certain time and can create your own schedule.

If this sounds interesting to you, if you would love to introduce some routines into your life, or if you just want to have a chat to see the possibilities, reach out to Kata for a free consultation.

You can call Kata at +41 77 222 5889 or send her an email at Alternatively, you can visit her website by following the link below.

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