Personal Branding Photography &

Graphic Design Package

Zürich and Switzerland

Combine Photography and Graphic Design to create a consistent Brand Identity

Branding photography is all about showing off your business and the person behind it to create connection between your brand and your audience.

Adding graphic design will help you communicate your story and personality in a coherent and professional way. Through different visual elements, a proper design creates a consistent brand image and ensures that your brand is recognisable, memorable and stands out from the crowd.

Show professionalism and consistency

Make a lasting impression

Stand out from the crowd

Be instantly recognisable

Save time and enjoy some me-time instead

Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses

And let’s not forget the time you get back by not having to worry about designing next week’s carousel post or your welcome brochure that’s long overdue!

Why work with us?

Simple: you are getting a whole range of branded marketing material.

Whether you need digital marketing designs for social media posts, stories and profile headers, or printed designs such as flyers and brochures, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll walk away with the perfect package that speaks your brand, both digitally and in print.

And the best part? 

You’ll receive all files as customisable Canva templates, giving you complete control, the ability to use your designs over and over again and saving you hundreds of hours.

photographer and graphic designer in Zurich, posing for personal branding photos

What our Clients say

Recommendations for Branding Photographer Zurich

As for recommending this combination of personal branding photos and graphic designs to other businesses, absolutely!

This package offers something extra that makes my online representation stand out from the crowd.

Caroline Nijs Photography

The experience was invigorating.As a solo entrepreneur, work can sometimes feel isolating, but working with Kati and Francesca felt like being part of a passionate team, all of us striving towards the creating visuals for a brand that was really truly me.

Heather Cribbin Coaching

Francesca’s and Kati’s passion for their work radiates, creating an atmosphere of empowerment and positivity.

Working with both was an inspiring, eye-opening, and professional journey, marked by ease and comfort.

Localia Interiors

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More Examples of Graphic Designs

Instagram & LinkedIn Posts

Instagram Posts, Stories, Reel Covers

LinkedIn Covers & Posts

This is Us

personal branding photographer Kati in Zurich, sitting amongst buttercups in a yellow blouse, yellow being her favourite colour and her brand
  • wife and mom
  • German, but feel quite English (I have a sense of humour, haha)
  • Intensive Care for almost 20 years
  • Studied BA & Ma in Ancient History
  • set up my photography business over 10 years ago
graphic designer in Zurich creating Canva templates for brands in one of her favourite coworking places
  • recently wed!
  • Italian, having lived in Zurich for 5 years I feel I’ve found the perfect place on earth!
  • all my university and post-graduate studies were around communication and design

The Steps in your Experience with Us

consultation meeting between client and branding photographer and graphic designer
First we send you a questionnaire to learn about your brand and research your website and social media.

Then during our meeting (online or offline), we’ll assess your content, gather photo ideas, and determine designs for a cohesive visual identity.


consultation meeting between client and branding photographer and graphic designer

It’s shooting time!

Bring different outfits and props to create beautiful photos that showcase your personality.

Don’t worry if you’re camera-shy – Kati will make you feel comfortable and confident, and capture your natural beauty and charisma while staying authentic and on brand.

beautiful image gallery of fall family photos in zurich
Francesca creates custom templates and designs that reflect your unique brand for social media communication and other marketing purposes.

This includes digital designs for posts, headers, icons, and more, as well as printed materials such as flyers, brochures and posters.


Kati, family photographer Zurich, meeting her clients for coffee
Get the champagne flowing and let’s toast to your success!

With our beautiful photos and designs, you can update your website and social media with a consistent brand identity.

Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your audience.


Our Branding Packages

All our packages include a Brand Identity Workbook, an analysis of your brand and your marketing needs, a Preparation Guide as well as a follow-up appointment to help you prepare your marketing strategy.


CHF 1590
Ideal for entrepreneurs just beginning their journey.

It’s the perfect starting point to turn ideas into tangible realities and be able to start marketing your business to the world.


  • 2 hours photo session
  • one to two locations
  • up to two outfit changes
  • 20 edited digital photos

Graphic Design

  • 1-page post, square designs for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Up to 5 categories


CHF 2300
Perfect to step more into your brand and be more visual.

It serves ambitious professionals like you who are ready to take their career and personal brand to new heights.


  • 3 – 4 hours photo session (can be split into 2)
  • up to three locations
  • bring a friend or clients
  • 3 – 4 outfit changes
  • 75 edited digital photos

Graphic Designs

  • complete posts and carousel designs for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook up to 7/8 categories
  • header designs
  • complete IG suite designs (highlights, stories, reel covers)


CHF 2900
If you are at the top of your game, this package is for you.

Designed for driven professionals looking to increase success even further and establish themselves as leaders in their field.


  • 3 – 4 hours photo session (can be split into 2)
  • up to three locations
  • bring a friend or clients
  • 3 – 4 outfit changes
  • 75 edited digital photos

Graphic Design

  • complete posts and carousel designs for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • up to 7/8 catogories
  • header designs 
  • complete IG suite designs (highlights, stories, reel covers)
  • 2 personalised graphic design editable templates for your printed communication (flyer – 8-pages brochure/catalogue/e-book)
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graphic Design Add ons

Ensure your business stands out with a dynamic printing package! Promote yourself and serve your customers to their fullest satisfaction.

You can always add this on to your chosen package.

Our layout templates provide unlimited potential for flyers, brochures, posters, or books: you’re only limited by imagination. Take the finished look or customise our template—it’s up to you!

You can choose from different designs such as:

  • business cards
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • 8-pages brochures/catalogues/ebooks
  • pricelists

or whatever your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the whole process work?
Your experience with us goes through 4 different stages. After we’ve sent you an extensive questionnaire about you and your brand and we’ve have researched your brand, we meet for a consultation and planning meeting. This can be in person or online, both works for us.

You’l then have your photography session. Following this, your photos will also be passed on to Francesca and she will create your designs with you.

And finally you’ll receive all your photos and designs to take your brand to new heights.

How do I book?
Simply fill out the contact form below and I’ll give you a call or we can meet via Zoom for a chat.
How long does the whole process last?
It really depends on what package you are booking and thus how many photo sessions and how many designs you’ll be having. In general, we aim to get you set up and running within about 4 weeks.
Where will the photo session take place?
The session can take place anywhere that supports and speak your brand. Kati will of course help you find the location. If you choose the Sophisticated Package, we can spread your sessions over two different locations.
I don’t have a real brand, or proper brand guidelines yet. Can I still work with you?
We appreciate your interest in working with us, and we understand that not everyone has a fully developed brand or brand guidelines yet. While Francesca, our graphic designer, can offer some suggestions, it’s important to note that she is not a brand designer and creating a brand from scratch is not her area of expertise.

To ensure a seamless experience, we highly recommend investing in a brand strategist or a brand designer first, if possible in terms of time and resources. This process will allow you to dive deep into the fundamentals of your business, such as values, target audience, and competition. You’ll then identify and establish the graphic elements that represent your brand, such as colours, fonts, and images.

Having a clear understanding of your brand and its visual identity it’s crucial for us, it enables us to create customised solutions that align with your brand’s overall vision and goals. If it is not the right time for you to make this step, we can still work together of course, we’ll do our best to help you and create great communication with the information we have!

Can we find an easy solution for my communication, even if I have more then one target?
Absolutely! We understand that having multiple target audiences can pose a communication challenge.

We’ve successfully worked with a photographer that has three distinct targets and types of photography. In this case, our approach was to use colours to identify and differentiate the posts related to each category.

With another client, we utilised icons to communicate to different target audiences. Let’s discuss your specific situation and see what would be the best option for you!

Can I receive the template in another app rather then Canva?
While we have chosen Canva as our primary tool due to its user-friendly interface and accessibility, we are flexible and can accommodate your needs.

Francesca, our graphic designer, works with both the Adobe and the Affinity suites, and can easily create the templates within these programs to meet your requirements.

Please communicate your preference for an alternative application at the beginning of our partnership, in order to create the best experience and avoid any unnecessary steps.

Do you have a specific suggestion to learn how to use Canva?
We recommend starting by watching the official Canva education program, that you can find at the following link:
I need to create a design material that is not included in the add-ons, can we do it?
Yes, of course! Just tell us your needs during our first meeting and we will be happy to adapt photos and graphics to the needs of your communication materials.
kleines Mädchen schaut in Pfütze
kleines Mädchen schaut in Pfütze
kleines Mädchen schaut in Pfütze

Let’s rock Your Brand together