Lifestyle maternity and family photo session

Oct 22, 2016

Back in July I had the pleasure of photographing a gorgeous family with 2 children and a third on the way. I was really looking forward to this lifestyle session, a maternity shoot and family session in one. Lifestyle photography is all about the connection between family members. The aim is to tell stories about people’s life. For this, the photographer ‘observes’ the family having a fun time together, playing, laughing, cuddling, without much interference or posing. In my experience, everyone seems to greatly enjoy these kind of photo sessions; everyone is relaxed and the kids enjoy running around.

So, we met at the family’s home in Wilmslow and made use of the beautiful gardens. It was an absolutely gorgeous summer day and the sun was shining. We even managed to get the horsies in the pictures. What beautiful memories!

Not long after the shoot baby number three was born, in the same week as his four year old sister and his two year old brother. Amazing timing: three children, born within one week of each other and two years apart each 🙂

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