A photo and video session with Lady A

Mar 20, 2019 | FAMILIES

Another ‘Day in Your Life’ session, another half day full of fun, dance, laughter, play, cuddles, pasta, hugs, love and even tears.

This is what I appreciate about lifestyle sessions: the family will receive all successful images of their photoshoot, all the ups but also the downs. Because there will be so many happy memories in natural photos and a heart-warming video, the not so happy moments, i.e. the tears, can also be added (without loosing precious images if there was a limited number of images in place). And let’s face it, a toddler’s life is not always happy and parents can have a rough time sometimes. So we ought to keep a visual memory of this too. Because that is our life, right now. And one day,  when our kids are all grown up, we will look back at the teary and sad images and will love them just as much. Because these are our kids, and we love them no matter what, or through thick and thin (as we say in German) 🙂