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Kati Photography Testimonial – A family’s photography and film experience in Zurich


Are you looking for an amazing family lifestyle photographer in Switzerland and are overwhelmed by the many choices? Are you searching for a photographer who takes spontaneous and unposed images of you and your kids? Have you heard of the new trend of taking video at your photography session and are unsure about being filmed?

It’s so hard to find the right fit. Usually you would ask your friends, and most of the time they can recommend someone. But what if they don’t know anyone? You start searching the internet and read reviews over reviews. It is tiring, I know. 

I’ve asked my clients to give me a video review in order to provide anyone looking for family photography a more personal account. Here is the first one, sit back, have a cuppa and watch and listen how this lovely family felt before, during and after the shoot.

Please mind Nicholas playing very noisily in the background with his toys 🙂 

Enjoy, Kati

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