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Products AND Pricing

Imagine walking into a room in your home – the lounge, dining or bedroom –  and seeing your wonderful family, laughing, smiling, loving, right there – framed, beautifully lit and reminding you of what’s most special in your life.

I’m very invested in the FINISHED PRODUCT that is presented to my clients, and it is important to me that all my clients have quality, tangible photographic heirlooms.

There is a range of different products available, from Collections of Wall Art Panels containing several of your favourite images to single panels of Canvas or Fine Art Prints, or an Album to tell your story in a fun and coherent way. All my products are of outstanding quality, handmade in Italy.



Collections are several panels of canvas or acrylic grouped perfectly together to tell your family story

CHF 3200



152.4 cm x 114.9 cm

158.7 cm x 101.6 cm



170.2 cm x 153 cm

205.7 cm x 101.6 cm

CHF 2500



127 cm x 94 cm

129.5 cm x 83.8 cm



108.3 cm x 94 cm





A Composite is one single panel of canvas or acrylic containing several images to create a harmonious combination

CHF 1950


101.6 cm x 101.6 cm

Each image box = 29.2.cm x 29.2 cm

CHF 1590


35.6 cm x 127 cm

40.6 cm x 152.4 cm

1 larger central image and 4 smaller images, 2 on each side

CHF 1590


101.6 cm x 101.6 cm

1 box 60.3 cm x 91.4 cm

3 boxes each 29.2 cm x 29.2 cm

THE  Amalfi Panel

A Fine Art Print in Gallery Quality

Photographs of your family and good times need to be celebrated with something special when taking pride of place in your home. The Amalfi Panel does exactly that: it is unique, elegant, sophisticated… your photos will turn heads when someone enters your home. People will stop and instantly recognise that this is not something available in a department store. This is an art piece in your home gallery.

Your favourite image will be printed on true fine art paper, then mounted with a beautiful handmade matt to accentuate the image and make it pop, and finally placed onto a cotton fabric panel, ready to be hung on your wall

The Amalfi Panel can be hung as a single statement in your home, or in a collection of two, three or more to tell your story.


CHF 1590

83.6 cm x 114.6 cm


CHF 890

38 cm x 49 cm

53 cm x 71 cm

63.5 cm x 84 cm



CHF 580

28.5 cm x 28.5 cm

29.3 cm x 38.4 cm

38.3 cm x 38.3 cm

33 cm x 42.5 cm



THE Canvas Pro

No ordinary canvas

Exceptional colour accuracy, vibrancy, and sharpness –  this product is unlike any canvas prints you will find on the high street. Your family and what makes them special will come to life and will delight you every time you look at it.

Your memories will be printed on superior quality art cotton and mounted onto a wooden panel. This process allows a stunning finish by hiding any staples and placing emphasises on the photograph.

Imagine coming in after a hard day: you boil the kettle, have your first chance to sit down and put your feet up. You look up and there, on the wall, is a canvas collection of your favourite people in the world – your family – laughing, smiling and loving life. Seeing them makes the long day worth it.

The canvas is also available as a composite or as several pieces perfectly fit together in a collection.


CHF 1590

60 cm x 80 cm

60 cm x 90 cm

60 cm x 120 cm

70 cm x 105 cm



CHF 890

30 cm x 45 cm

40 cm x 40 cm

40 cm x 50 cm

50 cm x 50 cm

40 cm x 60 cm



CHF 580

20 cm x 20 cm

20 cm x 30 cm

30 cm x 30 cm

25 cm x 50 cm



THE GoBook

The perfect blend of album and frame

If you cannot decide between an album on the coffee table or shelf or to have photographs framed on the wall , you will love the GoBook! It can do both! Place it standing upright on your sideboard, shelf or mantelpiece, where your hero photo can be enjoyed by everyone. Pick it up and inside is a treasure of little moments that take you back to today – photos of you, your family and the things that make you smile.

Printed on archival photographic paper, the GoBook will outlast you and be passed onto your children and theirs.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing colours and materials for book and box, but what makes this unique are your memories inside and how easily they can be displayed in your home.



Vertical (Portrait): 15 x 20cm, 20 x 30cm, 25 x 35cm

Horizontal (Landscape): 20 x 15cm, 30 x 20cm, 35 x 25cm

Square: 15 x 15cm, 20 x 20cm, 25 x 25cm, 30 x 30cm


CHF 890

*includes the design of 20 pages and max. 30 images

every additional spread (2 pages) CHF 25


Digital files in high resolution are available for purchasing in packages. Each image is carefully hand-edited to produce the best printing results. The images will be available via download (as high resolution images for printing and as low resolution for sharing via mobile phones, email and social media) from a password protected gallery.


CHF 1590

ALL of your favourites images.


CHF 890

Your TWENTY favourite images.


CHF 580

FIVE of your favourite images.