How you can achieve amazing images of your kids with your phone at home


One Scene – Seven different images

Do you take hundreds of pictures of your kids? Awesome, who doesn’t these days! But are you sometimes disappointed how they turn out? Today I would like to show you how YOU can achieve AMAZING IMAGES OF YOUR KIDS, just with your phone at home: one scene – 7 different images, only by changing your position. If you are into photo book making at the end of the year, this will make a beautiful contribution as you can show your kids from different angles and capture a little bit more detail.

So, imagine your kids (or your kid with mum or dad) sitting on the sofa reading together. You love this because it shows the CONNECTION between them, it shows the EMOTIONS they have for one another and that’s what you want to capture FOREVER.

You could probably snap a picture like this. And that’s okay, that’s what most people do. However, let me help you achieve something different.


Siblings reading a book together
girl and boy reading together

ONE: Same scenario, but what you do now is: you go down at their level (your knees or if you have to, on your tummy) and take the exact same picture. You will see, it makes such a difference. For any photo of your kids, always try to go down to their height.

TWO: Next, you stay down and just get in a little closer. See how cute!


Close up of two children reading a book
side angle of kids reading book

THREE: Then, same thing, you stay down but go round to the side and photograph them from this angle.

FOUR: Now, you get even closer to photograph details like their little fingers pointing.

close up kids pointing at book
Girls lashes

FIVE: Next, you stay close and just move the camera towards the face to get those beautiful little lashes. I mean, who doesn’t love kids lashes!

SIX: Then, you go above and photograph the whole scene from the top. See how it shows how close they are sitting together.

boy and girl sitting close
kids looking up in camera

SEVEN: And while you are there, just call them out to get their attention, and you will get this.

Bang, ONE scene – SEVEN beautiful pictures for your photo book!

album spread of kids reading book

And yes, these images were all taken on my phone.

Now go and try it out. Have fun!


Is there something else you would like to know? Do you want or need any other tips on how you can achieve beautiful images of your kids, be it outside or at home? I would love you to tell me! I would LOVE to get your feedback!

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