How to organise your photos on your phone


by Zürich Lifestyle Photographer Kati

How do you organise your mobile phone photos easily and be ready to create an album by the end of the year?

We’re all inundated with digital clutter these days, and often don’t even realise it. Have you recently checked how many photos and videos you have stored on your phone? Well, mine was 12.000 at some point… I know!

Do you sort your photos on a regular basis?

And, perhaps more importantly, how often do you look at them? Be honest with yourself: do you need all those photos and videos?

That’s why I wanted to show you an easy way to organise your photos and videos, so that you can keep on top of the digital clutter and have a bundle ready to make an album or a calendar at the end of the year.

So why not start a new project for the year?

It will get your photos app organised. And you’ll feel so accomplished and proud of yourself!

I don’t know about you but decreasing clutter is extremely cleansing for my mind.

What do you do and how?

✅ First. you set aside a designated time per week (or month if that’s too much for you) to sort through your photos and videos. It doesn’t have to be long, even 30 minutes should be enough.

✅ You delete any duplicates, blurred photos, and anything you won’t need again. You don’t need 5 photos from the very same scene, for example your son on a swing. One or two are totally enough.

Choose some photos of your family, individual images of different family members, little details like that lovely meal you had. Also keep some of those beautiful pictures you took of your surroundings. The lake, the mountains etc. These images will add nicely to tell your story.

✅ Once you are left with the photos and videos you want to keep, pick your favourites. Then create a new folder on your phone and put all your favourite photos of the week or month in there. Then do the same for your videos.

If you are going to create a calendar, be strict and only select very few images. If you are creating an album at the end of the year, you pick more. And you also add those landscape photos or the ice-cream selfie.

✅ Provided you are doing this consistently for 12 months, you will have a folder full of images that can go straight into your album or calendar. And a folder full of videos that you can put together for a lovely review of the year.

If you sort from October to October for example, you will have plenty of time to create and print a photo book or a calendar for Christmas. And so, presents for your family, your partner or the grandparents are sorted 😊

My mum looooves her yearly calendar with photos of us!

How to sort your photos on an iPhone

In your PHOTO LIBRARY, you find ALL PHOTOS and delete those you don’t need any longer.

two girls playing in their room with their toys and dolls during a family photo session before they go out to continue the lifestyle photos there at a park in Zurich

You then select your favourite, and tab the UPLOAD BUTTON to call up the menu (next image).

family playing outside with their two kids, throwing leaves during a family lifestyle photo session in Zurich

Then you scroll down slightly until you see ADD TO ALBUM.

Now you get the chance to add to an existing album or to create a NEW ALBUM.

two girls playing in their room with their toys and dolls during a family photo session before they go out to continue the lifestyle photos there at a park in Zurich

You name your album and tab save.

family playing outside with their two kids, throwing leaves during a family lifestyle photo session in Zurich

Back in your library, at the bottom of your screen you see all ALBUMS, where you can find the one you just created.

I suggest that you find a time to do this task every week or month on the same day, either on your phone or your computer, whatever you prefer.

Just keep adding your favourites to your new folder over time.

If you are on iCloud, you can likewise sort your photos on your computer in your photos app or in the browser. That’s what I do because it’s so much easier on a bigger screen. The same applies if you store your photos on Google or whatever app.

Set a reminder.

Be consistent.

You will thank yourself at the end of the year when you are ready to create an album or calendar as a gift for someone special. And you’ll feel this huge relief that you don’t have to worry about phone storage.

You’ll feel so much lighter with less clutter!

There are also the added benefits of:

✅ you’ll be looking at your photos much more often when they are printed

✅ you’ll be able to look back at these fond memories and appreciate them in a way that you can’t when they’re just stored away in your phone

✅ you’ll so enjoy reminiscing about the special moments and be reminded of the love and joy that filled those times

Here is a quick recap of how to organise your phone photos easily

1 Once a week, or month, set some time aside, even if it’s just 30 minutes.

2 Delete all duplicates, blurred photos and everything you won’t need again.

3 Find your favourites. Create a new folder and put all your favourites in there.

4 After 12 months, you’re ready to create a calendar or album.

So, why not start this project today and enjoy the rewards of being organised and clutter-free tomorrow?

You can do this!

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