Some Free Goodies

from me to you!

lifestyle family photographer in Zurich with her son cuddling for lovely family memories

On this page, I have curated a few of my free resources for you.

There is a guide on how to take better photos of your kids in your everyday life, to create those precious memories that you can treasure forever.

There is also a handy list for you to print out when you prepare for an outdoor family photo shoot in Switzerland.

Finally, a great guide on activities you can do during a family photo session, taking away the awkwardness and making it a fun experience.

My Top 5 Creative Photo Tips

A FREE GUIDE full of practical tips on how to take photos of your kids and family to the next level.

Easily applicable, even with your phone.

Checklist: What to pack for the kids for an outdoor photoshoot

A FREE GUIDE for you to print out and tick off, to make sure you are well prepared and not forgetting important things such as snacks or change of clothes.

My top 5 ‘Anti-Posing’ Ideas

You don’t like posing? Your kids won’t sit still? Perfect!

Download this FREE GUIDE to help you stay relaxed for fun, natural-looking and joyful  photos of your family.