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Where do you live and how far do you travel?

I live in Zurich Zone 110 and I am happy to travel to your home or a favourite place of yours. The session fee includes travel within 25 km of my home. If you live further afield, I charge an additional CHF 1 per kilometre.

How early in advance do I need to book?

As I am only doing a few film sessions per year, they tend to book up pretty quickly. I am generally more flexible for photography sessions and sometimes can even accommodate short notice requests.

Will you give us advice what to wear?

Most of my clients wear the clothes, in which they feel the most comfortable. It’s usually not advisable buying new clothes that fit a certain colour palette, if you then don’t feel yourself in them. But if you can’t decide, you can certainly send me photos of your ideas and I help you choose outfits on what I know will photograph well.

Will the session be in English or German?

I am fluent in German as well as English. So, whichever language is more comfortable for you is good for me. It is your experience, and I want you to have an enjoyable and relaxing time! 

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Do you edit all the images?

At the reveal session, you will be presented with all successful images from your session. These images have had a quick edit to correct white balance, exposure etc. Once you have chosen your favourite images, I will edit each individually, giving them the final look as part of the photography process.

Please note that my post-processing does not include alterations to body shape, size or skin imperfections.  Any advanced retouching, digital manipulation and artistic finishing is available to you as an optional extra.

Can I receive the raw, unedited photographs?

Raw or unedited images are not available for purchase. The finished product is an edited jpeg image, which is part of my artistic interpretation and the entire photography experience.

Can some of our images be delivered in black&white and colour?

I guess it’s an aesthetic choice. My style – I believe most images work either in colour or black&white, but not both. Therefore, images created in black&white are only available in black&white, and, images in colour will only be delivered in colour. However, the choice of colour and black&white images is entirely up to you. Based on my taste and experience, I usually produce a variety of each to give you an idea. but I am more than happy to accommodate your preferences. We will talk about this in the initial consultation.

What is a printing permission?

Since I, as the author of the photographs, will retain the copyright, you will need permission to have those photographs printed (some printing labs do ask to see the permission). And please please please do so!!! Many digital images are sitting on hard drives on computers and phones and only get looked at occasionally. My aim is to create long lasting memories by encouraging you to get your images printed, so that you can enjoy them every day: in a book, on your walls, on your mantelpiece, windowsill or wherever you prefer to place them. You will love waking up to those sweet faces every morning in your bedroom and you will enjoy seeing your family portraits while you are all having dinner together. I appreciate that having your photographs taken professionally is an investment that you won’t make on a regular basis, so you ought to enjoy these treasures as often and as much as possible! Also, no-one knows for sure how durable digital media is. Hard drives fail, phones get lost, documents such as jpegs can corrupt, so I urge you to back up your memories digitally double, triple, quadruple…. and of course in print. Because, can you believe it, a print can last up to 100 years! 

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