Caspar – a beautiful store selling kids’ furniture in the heart of Zurich

A fabulous recommendation from family photographer Kati

Today I’d love to tell you about a fantastic store – Caspar Kids, in the heart of Zurich, which is part of a collaboration between me and other local businesses to make little independents more visible in the jungle of big chain stores and cooperations.

Caspar is a little shop right in the city centre, between Fraumünsterplatz and Paradeplatz, which is specialised in children’s furniture. It’s also the only store in Zurich’s centre, which sells furniture and accessories for kids.

So if you visit the markets at Bürkliplatz on Tuesdays or Fridays, or if you are in town for any other reason, make sure to check them out.

Beautiful shop that is now in new ownership. Florence has a flair for interior design for kids. She looks after new brands, specially eco-responsible local or nearby brands. Her passion and client attention makes a visit to this shop a must!


Every item at Caspar has been chosen with love and dedication. The team pays particular attention to quality, design and functionality. You can find unique items that are not available anywhere else in Switzerland. This is top priority to Florence and Anna.

Florence and Anna are the owners of Caspar. They are both moms to two children and have been friends for many years. This friendship and their similar ideals and notions led to the takeover of Caspar last year.

Florence grew up in the West of Switzerland and therefore bestows Caspar a special French Elegance. She looks after the customers in the shop and serves their individual needs. One concern of Caspar is helping its clients with designing their children’s rooms. If required, Florence will come to your home and help you measure and plan for the right furniture. She can prepare a floor plan of your room, helping your imagination form the perfect space for your child. What a beautiful concept!

Anna, on the other hand, is the creative business manager in the background and takes care of the online shop, marketing and social media activities as well as cooperations. So, in the future, you can expect more online activities and even better services tailored to the needs of kids, mums and dads.

Both of them are supported by the wonderful Rhiannon, who grew up in the UK. What an international team! So whoever comes into the shop can expect to be greeted in a language they understand, be that English, German or French.

Caspar’s emphasis is on high-quality furniture with functionality and sustainability. Furniture that grows with your child and can be used in different ways.

For example, they have the Pure Position Table: an amazing desk/table that doesn’t need to be replaced every so often but grows with your child by adjusting the heights of the table legs.

And beds from Lifetime: there are endless opportunities with these beds. You can purchase a basis bed and lots of different attachments and accessories. In the example below, you see a version where the top part of the bed is actually a playhouse. How cool is that! And once your child has grown out of it, you just take the top part away and it becomes an ordinary bed ‘suited’ for an adolescent. We have one of those and they are absolutely gorgeous. Ours has a staircase with storage in it, such a space saver! And my son prefers the staircase much more to a ladder.


Having said that, since Caspar’s philosophy is built on functionality as well as sustainability, it doesn’t always have to be specific kids’ furniture for your child’s room. At Caspar, you can find ‘grown up’ designer labels such as STRING, MUUTO, PETITE FRITURE, RICHARD LAMPERT and so on. And yes, your child’s space can therefore not only be furnished just as beautifully, but you can also contribute environmentally by keeping your furniture for years to come.

Caspar’s focus on sophisticated, high-quality furniture goes hand in hand with sourcing items that are sustainably produced. Even better when they are made in Switzerland. And when you order something in the online shop, the team of Caspar uses recycled packaging.

But not only the products at Caspar’s are wonderful, their service is fabulous too. Caspar helps you to give your kids’ room a special, personal touch. Since they also work with small independent furniture stores, many products can be custom-made. So for example, the bed can get the name of your child written on it, the wardrobe can have colours of your liking, inside and outside, or you can even create your own wall paper. 

Caspar also sells the popular Babyzen stroller/pram. They always have them in stock and should you need one urgently, the team of Caspar will even see to its personal delivery within 24 hours. 

And if you need to organise a present, worry not, Caspar’s got you covered too. They have really cute accessories for girls, for birthday parties, skincare products or cuddly toys from Jellycat (oh I fell in love with the flamingo when I visited the last time).

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