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Was ist ‘Lifestyle’ Fotografie?

Ihr habt ja bestimmt schon mal diesen Begriff oder Homestory oder Familienreportage gehört. Im Grunde ist das alles auf demselben Prinzip aufgebaut. Es werden Fotos und gegebenenfalls auch Videos gemacht welche euer tägliches Leben dokumentieren. Im Gegensatz zum...

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Why video at your family photography session?

Yes, you might say that you don’t feel comfortable being filmed. I get that. But…. just imagine this: how incredible would it be for your kids to watch the video once they are older or even grown up and seeing YOU in it!!! Because they don’t remember you, how you...

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A photo and video session with Lady A

Another 'Day in Your Life' session, another half day full of fun, dance, laughter, play, cuddles, pasta, hugs, love and even tears. This is what I appreciate about lifestyle sessions: the family will receive all successful images of their photoshoot, all the ups but...

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A Day in Your Life session in beautiful Toronto

'A Day in Your Life' are such amazing sessions. You get a real glimpse of a moment at that time in your life. You can 'view' yourself as a family, the way you interact with each other, the way you cuddle and play, and especially how much you love and are loved by your...

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Welcome to my new website

Hi everyone and thank you so much for visiting my new website. Yes, I finally did it!!! I have been thinking about it for years but never found the time to actually do it.... I guess I have been moving around the world a bit too much... After having spent so many...

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