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Thanks for stopping by! I am Kati, mum to a gorgeous little toddler (on his good days, hehe), and wife to the cuddliest bear on earth. I’ve lived for many years in the UK, then Canada and now I am lucky to call Switzerland my home. As a mum I appreciate how precious every single moment with our children is. I make them  memories for you, your children and your family. It’s one of the greatest presents we can give our children: memories of their childhood for them to cherish in the future.


All we need is

With my photographs and videos I want to show you how you and your family interact with each other, how much you love and are loved; the way you cuddle, the way you play, the way you adore certain characteristics of individual family members. I also want to show you things you might not even be aware of – habits, rituals, routines, little details – which we all take for granted but which might be gone in a blink. With the addition of filming little snippets during our session, I believe, you will get a natural and authentic documentary of your life at that moment in time.

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night owl

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coffee with caramel sirup

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love at first sight

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