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füsse eines neugeborenen Babys
Foto eines Neugeobrenen Babys auf dem Bett


I'm addicted to

coffee with caramel sirup

I love to

laugh till I cry

I'm obsessed with


I could scream for


I believe in

love at first sight

Hi, I am Kati and I LOVE to create genuine, heart-melting memories showing lots of emotion and love.

I am married to the cuddliest bear on earth and together we feed a rather cute mini bear. So far, we have lived in Germany, the UK, Canada and Switzerland.

I have a strong love for all things ridiculous and some people say I have quite a loud and dirty laugh (how dare they!).

My favourite movie is pretty woman and I generally like any romance (I know I hear you ….).

I am an ice-cream and sushi addict (not together of course, that would be silly).

When I am not photographing, I play police with my gorgeous son, battle through Crossfit classes and love to read books in bed.


Girl on tiptoes kissing her daughter in Horgen

Kati was so much fun and her warm nature immediately put us all at ease.


I volunteer for Herzensbilder.ch

I am very proud to be part of HERZENSBILDER, a charity that gifts photographic memories to families with very ill and severely disabled children, with children born too early or even still born, and  terminally ill parents with children under 18 years. If you would like to know more about the organisation or would like to donate, please follow the link below.


I am giving you quality time with your family.

You will have a fun-filled relaxed session and I will help you choose your favourite images, Then I design your custom-made product and will personally deliver it to your door. I don't leave you hanging with your digital files and searching the internet for the right photo book or printer. You will get a beautiful, tangible product of the highest quality, ready to hang on your wall or sit on your sideboard.

That’s why you hire me. By sorting out the things that would keep you busy, I am giving you time back with your family.

Ready to get in touch? Or do you have more questions and just want an informal chat? Sure! Just fill out the form below and I will give you a call back at a time convenient for you. Speak soon!

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