about Kati

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I'm a

night owl

I'm addicted to

coffee with caramel sirup

I believe in

love at first sight

I would do almost anything for


Hi, hoi, hello! I am Kati, mum to a gorgeous little toddler (on his good days, hehe), and wife to the cuddliest bear on earth. I’ve lived in the UK for many years before we made a quick stop over in Canada (what a stunning country!) and now I am lucky to call beautiful Switzerland my home.

I used to work as an Intensive Care nurse and also possess a Masters degree in Ancient History. However, my passion has always been in photography and so, after many years of learning and practising and annoying my friends to take their photo for the hundredths time, I made it my job 7 years ago. Needless to say I utterly love my job!

And evidently, I am crazy … because I cut off my long hair this year and soooooo regret it…

As a mum I appreciate how precious every single moment with our children is. They grow up so quickly and accomplish something new every day! We ought to make all these special moments into memories. And that is what I would love to do for you, create precious memories of and for you, your children and your family.

Imagine your children in 20 years time watching a video of their childhood and seeing their mum and dad, playing and cuddling with them. Possibly from a time they wont even remember themselves because they were still too little then. Imagine the joy! Imagine the warmth that will fill their hearts and the tears their eyes!

Feel free to enjoy some more of my family images below and don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat.

Love Kati