A Family says Good Bye | Zurich Expat Photographer


I met the Bs, an American expat family, shortly before they left Zurich and I was fortunate enough to mark their time here in this beautiful city. Oh what an amazing family! (all my clients seem to be the most loving, gorgeous people. I am so lucky!) We had so much fun! We had a causal walk around town, visited some landmarks, which just had to be featured in the images, went past a playground or two, and enjoyed lots of lovely morning sun.

Our tour followed a similar path as featured on Tanya’s blog from Swiss Family Fun. You can view Tanya’s family photo session with me, or see another photo shoot in the old town in my previous blog post.

Anyway, I adored spending time with the Bs. Quite obvious in literally every single photo, everyone was merry, enjoying their day out. So much positivity! So much laughter! So much happiness! Yes, I am almost shouting! It was that enjoyable!

Here is a little example of what you could do with your images. They are NOT meant to sit on your hard drive, you need to print them in some form to enjoy! Just saying  😉

This wonderful album is a book and a frame at the same time. Stored in a thick box with plexi glass front, you can place it like a picture frame on your shelve, mantelpiece, or sideboard. All handmade in Italy in the highest quality.

Likewise, you could hang up a collection of several images on canvas or acrylic in your home. Imagine waking up to the smiling faces of your family – what could go wrong on a day like this!?

If you like the sound of this, or want to create some memories of your time here in Zurich, or maybe you are also an expat who enjoys living in Switzerland, make sure to get in touch. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Lots of love Kati x