A Day in Your Life session in beautiful Toronto

Mar 18, 2019

‘A Day in Your Life’ are such amazing sessions. You get a real glimpse of a moment at that time in your life. You can ‘view’ yourself as a family, the way you interact with each other, the way you cuddle and play, and especially how much you love and are loved by your family.

These images and video are from a session back when we resided in Toronto. I still miss this city so much!

What a lovely family session it was! We went down to the lake, what we thought was early in the morning, but as evident in some of the videos, a lot of people were already out and about…. But that didn’t hinder us at all, we had lots of fun playing in the sand and having a picnic.

We then went home and while the little brother had a nap, exhausted, big sister enjoyed her time reading stories with her parents and cooking spaghetti with play dough. And you may have noticed, she is totally into unicorns 🙂