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Family Film SESSIONS

Life passes by so fast: soon after our little miracles arrive in this world, they can crawl, walk, talk, start Kindergarten, lose their first tooth, start school … and whoops, what almost feels like a blink of an eye, they are teenagers and all grown up.

Imagine though, if you could press pause, right now. Imagine being able to relive those moments, over and over and over again. What would that mean to you? What would that mean to your kids? How would that make you and them feel? This is what a family film is all about, preserving your memories, for them.


“… When I watched other family films, I liked them but didn’t think I want one. But seeing my own family film now, OMG I sooooo NEED this!”

Claudia F.

You may think that video isn’t for you, but trust me, it is. You just can’t hear their TINY VOICES or see their WOBBLY STEPS in a still image. A Family Film will record all these things, and more – habits, routines, little details, which we take for granted but which might be gone in a blink.

And the best of all: YOU ARE IN IT! For them. Because your kids will have lots of phone photos and videos featuring them, but they want to remember YOU too.

HOW IT Works

I will spend 2 hours, half a day or a full day with you and your family; staying in the background, taking a series of short videos (and a few photographs) of your family’s life. We will spend part of the day at your home and part of the day in the park, at the beach, at a favourite ice-cream shop or wherever you love spending time. And don’t worry, just be yourself and spend a lovely time with your family.




First, we chat via video call. This way, when we meet for the shoot, we already know each other and everyone feels more comfortable. We talk about what makes you click, what makes you laugh, your preferred location and what you want to remember. And I will be answering all your questions.




Depending on which session you have booked, I will spend from 2 hours up to an entire day with you. You will be doing what you love doing as a family, just as on any other Saturday: playing, eating, cuddling, laughing, hugging, jumping. Nostalgic, messy, ordinary and magical – it’s all beautiful.




Yay! I will show you the images and your film, in the comfort of your own home. So for you: no need to find a baby sitter, no need to get out of your comfy clothes or even put on make up. You just get the tissues out. Depending on your chosen session, you will be able to select your favourite image(s) for the wall art and/or album.




Get the champagne flowing! I will personally deliver your products to your home (I do love to visit my clients). No need for you to stress that you may miss the delivery guy! I will bring them to you, at a time convenient for you. There used to be lots of hugs from me too, but hey … maybe one day again.

The family films below contain audio.



CHF 1590

Session lasting up to 2 hours

10-20 images, individually edited in high resolution digital format

A beautifully edited, unique film (of about 2-3 minutes) that encapsulates the essence of your family, set to hand-selected licensed music



CHF 2250

Session lasting up to 5 hours

20-30 images, individually edited in high resolution digital format

A beautifully edited, unique film (of about 4-5 minutes) that encapsulates the essence of your family, set to hand-selected licensed music

An elegant Amalfi Panel (size 49cm x 38cm) showcasing your favourite image



CHF 3500

Session lasting up to 12 hours

up to 50 images, individually edited in high resolution digital format

A beautifully edited, unique film (of about 6-8 minutes) that encapsulates the essence of your family, set to hand-selected licensed music

An elegant Amalfi Panel (size 71cm x 53cm) showcasing your favourite image

A gorgeous Album GoBook (size 30cm x 20cm) highlighting your day

 A non-refundable fee of CHF300 will be invoiced to secure your session, but will be credited towards your session fee.



The most common thing I hear from my clients is that they want natural looking images that show their love and emotions for each other. And despite not necessarily feeling the best about themselves, they know how important it is to document this time in their lives. Not just for them, but their children.

After working with hundreds of families, I can say with certainty that I am giving you so much more than a photography session. I am giving you space to connect as a family. Permission to unplug and rest. To slow down and love each other. And when this happens, a special kind of magic is created from the collaboration of your vulnerability and my ability to meet your kids at their level. This will make the session feel effortless for you and your partner.

That’s why you hire me. Because I’ll show you the moments and the little details you didn’t even know you needed to see.

FREQUENT Questions

Where do you live and how far do you travel?

I live in Zurich Zone 110 and I am happy to travel to your home or a favourite place of yours. The session fee includes travel within 25 km of my home. If you live further afield, I charge an additional CHF 1 per kilometre.

How early should I book my session?

I tend to book up film sessions quite far in advance, as I only do 1 – 2 per month. Hence these spots book up more quickly. For photography sessions, I am generally more flexible and can sometimes even accommodate short notice enquiries.

Do I need to prepare anyhting?

Yes, a little. Once you have booked your session, I will send you a little Guide with all the information such as tips on what to wear, how to prepare your home etc. But it’s really not much, promise.

Will the session be in English or German?

I am fluent in German as well as English. So, whichever language is more comfortable for you is good for me. It is your experience, and I want you to have an enjoyable and relaxing time! 

Do you take photographs at a film session?

Yes, I will take a few highlight images during your session. Although the focus in on filming, I will make sure that we catch some of those beautiful moments in still images too, so that you can print them for family, friends or your walls.

Okay then, are you ready?

Lets do this! It will be fun fun fun!!!

You are welcome to contact me via the form below and I will call you back as soon as I can. Alternatively, feel free to call me directly 🙂

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