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A day in your life Sessions


Life passes by so fast: soon after our little miracles arrive in this world, they can crawl, walk, talk, start Kindergarten, lose their first tooth, start school … and whoops, what almost feels like a blink of an eye, they are teenagers and all grown up.

Especially in this digital age, we have lots and lots of photos of the small and big milestones of our children’s life. But what about the little moments in between, the everyday life? Moments that are not staged, that are mundane, authentic or even messy – the way your child runs up to you for cuddles, that mischievous look you get when your little one is up to something, the random tantrums that your toddler throws, the way your child pulls his ear when he is tired, the way your little one laughs when tickled or the hard times you cannot wait for to end – all are part of our cherished memories and make up our relationships, our family. These are the moments that are captured for you in ‘A Day in Your Life’ sessions.

A Day in Your Life will show you the way you interact with one another, the way you cuddle, the way you play, how much you love and are loved by your family. It will record things you might not even be aware of – habits, rituals, routines, little details which we take for granted but which might be gone in a blink.


How does it work?

I will spend half a day or even a full day with you and your family; staying in the background, taking photographs and a series of short films of your family’s life. The photographs and videos will speak together collectively to tell your family story.

You wonder what we will do all those hours? 5 hours, a full day? But the kids need to sleep! Yep, that’s what I will photograph, the sweet (and welcoming!) naps and bedtime routines – real moments that happen on the day at this moment in time.

For half days, we can start the session before breakfast or end the session with the bedtime of your child/ren.
We will spend part of the day at your home and part of the day in the park, at the beach, at a favourite ice-cream shop or wherever you love spending time. Activities that can be included are cuddling in bed, cooking or making pancakes together, washing the dishes, playing, jumping on the bed, reading bedtime stories and so on. And don’t worry, just be yourself and spend a lovely time with your family.


What is included in your session:

  • pre-consultation via phone or in person (depending on your location)
  • 4-5 hour shooting session (for half day)
  • all successful images from your session (around 100-150) in high resolution with printing permission
  • a film of images and video clips from your day
  • all photo and video clip editing
  • travel within 25km of Zurich


Prices start from CHF 1250 for half day sessions without video. For all available sessions, please visit: