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      New product becomes bestseller: the GoBook

I have to say, for me, it was love at first sight. A beautiful album that acts as a little frame at the same time? What an ingenius idea! Handmade in Italy, the GoBook is a beautiful blend of quality and elegance. It offers the perfect solution for those who cannot decide whether to have a frame on the wall or an album on the shelve- the GoBook can do both: it is a high-quality album which can also be displayed on your mantelpiece, shelve or sideboard. How great is that! You will love seeing and reliving your memories every day.


305A8505305A8505 305A0812305A0812
  305A0266305A0266 305A0220305A0220
  305A0369305A0369 305A0874305A0874

The album features a layflat continuous binding, allowing you to view a spread without seeing a separation in the seam. It is presented in a matching box, handmade in rigid high-density fiberboard material and covered in a leatherette. The cover of the box is a plexiglass plate held in place by a magnetic closing mechanism. Book spine and back, the box and the ribbon can be customised in up to 40 different colours.

305A8481305A8481 305A0254305A0254
305A0826305A0826 305A8487305A8487

The album is perfect to tell your story from any session: the first few days in the life of your newborn baby, the magical time during your pregnancy, an afternoon in the park with your family, a day in your life with your loved ones in your own home. It can be purchased as a stand alone product or in combination with digital images. Or please feel free to contact me.

305A0231305A0231 305A0251305A0251
305A8486305A8486 305A0828305A0828
305A0246305A0246 305A0875305A0875
305A8470305A8470 305A8459305A8459


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Lifestyle maternity and family photo session in Cheshire http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2016/10/lifestyle-maternity-and-family-photo-session-in-cheshire Back in July I had the pleasure of photographing a gorgeous family with 2 children and a third on the way. I was really looking forward to this lifestyle session, a maternity shoot and family session in one. Lifestyle photography is all about the connection between family members. The aim is to tell stories about people's life. For this, the photographer 'observes' the family having a fun time together, playing, laughing, cuddling, without much interference or posing. In my experience, everyone seems to greatly enjoy these kind of photo sessions; everyone is relaxed and the kids enjoy running around.

So, we met at the family's home in Wilmslow and made use of the beautiful gardens. It was an absolutely gorgeous summer day and the sun was shining. We even managed to get the horsies in the pictures. What beautiful memories!

Not long after the shoot baby number three was born, in the same week as his four year old sister and his two year old brother. Amazing timing: three children, born within one week of each other and two years apart each :)  

baby photographer knutsford_0045baby photographer knutsford_0045 baby photographer knutsford_0041baby photographer knutsford_0041 baby photographer knutsford_0042baby photographer knutsford_0042 baby photographer knutsford_0044baby photographer knutsford_0044 baby photographer knutsford_0040baby photographer knutsford_0040 baby photographer knutsford_0043baby photographer knutsford_0043 baby photographer knutsford_0039baby photographer knutsford_0039 baby photographer knutsford_0038baby photographer knutsford_0038 baby photographer knutsford_0035baby photographer knutsford_0035 baby photographer knutsford_0037baby photographer knutsford_0037 baby photographer knutsford_0036baby photographer knutsford_0036

kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Lifestyle maternity photography lifestyle family photography lifestyle photographer Cheshire lifestyle photographer Manchester maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Cheshire newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2016/10/lifestyle-maternity-and-family-photo-session-in-cheshire Fri, 21 Oct 2016 23:04:24 GMT
Newborn image shortlisted for Image of the Year Award http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2016/1/newborn-image-shortlisted-for-image-of-the-year-award I haven't posted for far too long... somehow, having a little baby takes up most of my time :) So I quickly would just like to announce that my image of Toni and Ruby has been shortlisted for the Image of the Year competition with the Guild of Photographers! Eek, I am bursting with excitement and pride! Check out their press release below:



"Local Photographer Kati achieves national acclaim!

Kati, a photographer based in South Manchester has reached the Final of the fiercely contested Guild of Photographers Image of the Year Competition.

The Guild is a highly respected UK based association for photographers which has members from overseas as well. Each year it runs an on-line monthly photographic competition with awards being given each month to the very best of the entries.

During the course of 2015, the competition attracted nearly 10,000 entries in 4 categories, and this week the Guild’s Judges have selected just 10 images in the various genres from the very best of the monthly entries, to go forward to the annual Final. Kati‘s image is one of those images!

Guild Director Lesley Thirsk said “One of the Guild’s aims is to drive standards and creativity amongst photographers. Our monthly competition certainly does that, for the standard of the entries we see each month is quite staggering. To have an image recognised by the Guild in the monthly competition is difficult enough, so to have an image selected as being one of the best 10 in a category for the end of year Final is a quite remarkable achievement, and shows just how talented a photographer Kati is”.

Kati's image along with the others will now be printed ready for the Competition Final later in January, and the overall winner will be announced at a lavish Awards night in a magnificent Jacobean mansion in Cheshire on 6th February."


Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me!

Love, Kati

Newborn 01goldNewborn 01gold



kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Children photographer Wilmslow maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Altrincham newborn photographer Cheshire newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester newborn photographer Stockport portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2016/1/newborn-image-shortlisted-for-image-of-the-year-award Tue, 26 Jan 2016 22:16:17 GMT
Gold and Silver Award for Newborn Images http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/7/gold-and-silver-award-for-newborn-images-Manchester-baby-photographer Earlier this year I achieved a silver and a few bronze awards in the monthly competitions run by the Guild of Photographers. I also achieved the FIRST PLACE in a monochrome portraiture competition held by the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. Today, I am very proud to say that I have won a GOLD and a SILVER Award for two of my newborn images. And only six images were awarded Gold status out of about 1000 images submitted in that month. I was also the winner of the month in the Newborn and Baby Category. If you would like to see the other winning entries, please follow this link.

I would never have dreamt of achieving a Gold award for my portrait photography so soon; I am over the moon! I work really hard to constantly further my skills: I attend workshops and seminars and receive mentoring on a regular basis. I even do portfolio shoots regularly to practise certain techniques and poses. Not only do I want to get better and better for my own development, but I also believe that I owe my clients the best quality and service of which I am capable.

In my opinion, training is so much more important than gear. I don't have a large studio with several set -ups and I don't use the most expensive gear. Of course I use professional cameras, lenses, lights etc, but as with all things, there is always more expensive equipment available. Instead, I use my home as a studio and welcome my clients into my living room (see the images below). And yet, I have been able to achieve such a prestigious award! So, I guess this is testimony to the fact that it's not always about the gear!!! Never stop reaching for your goals and never stop aiming higher even if you think you don't have the best preconditions. It's all in your head (and hands) and your willingness and perseverance to reach for the stars of your dreams!

For the two winning images I would like to thank Toni and Chris, once again, for their participation as well as patience!

Love, Kati


Newborn 02silverNewborn 02silver

Newborn 01goldNewborn 01gold



And here are some behind the scenes pictures.

baby photographer knutsford_0017baby photographer knutsford_0017



kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Children photographer Wilmslow maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Altrincham newborn photographer Cheshire newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester newborn photographer Stockport portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/7/gold-and-silver-award-for-newborn-images-Manchester-baby-photographer Mon, 13 Jul 2015 20:01:29 GMT
Local and Loved: The Make It! Shop http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/5/local-and-loved-the-make-it-shop Welcome back to my project on Chorlton’s independents! This time I was invited into the magical world of Make It!, a craft shop on Wilbraham Road. I had a lot of fun with Danielle and spent much longer there than I anticipated! So many crafty activities that wanted to be discovered! And an elephant parade to finish off! This project is truly an educational and fascinating journey for me!

At its simplest, the Make It! shop is a craft shop. It supplies essentials such as felt and buttons, materials and kits for knitting or embroidery or even gifts. As Chorlton (sadly!) no longer has any toy shops, Make It! is certainly a great alternative when looking for children’s presents. Two much loved items at Make It! are the ever-exciting versatile foam clay and the decopatch or ‘decoupage’, increasingly popular with children and adults. Decopatch is done by tearing and sticking beautifully printed papers onto wooden or papier-mâché and the results are stunning! The shop also holds a small Made in Manchester section, selling the work of local artists and crafters, including the creations of the much-loved Chorlton artist Anna Violet.

However, Make It! is not just an ordinary shop. It is there to inspire and encourage - to ‘unleash everyone’s creative beast’ and help them understand the positive power of getting engrossed in a creative activity. It does so by displaying items created from shop materials, sometimes even brought in by the customers, by containing a workshop space for drop-in craft activities and by holding a number of workshops for adults. Make It! is also active in the local community, donating prizes for charitable events, participating in our local traders association and is involved in the Chorlton Arts Festival.

I've asked owner Danielle what had inspired her to open the shop: “I was enjoying teaching adults and children recycled crafts through my small business, Rubbish Revamped, and wanted to do something on a bigger scale to encourage and support people to enjoy a wide range of crafts. There’s increasing evidence that arts and crafts have a positive impact on wellbeing and it’s something I saw when running workshops, seeing people de-stressing when engrossed in a project and their sense of achievement when producing something.  I wanted to cover a wide range of crafts to suit all interests and abilities as well as bringing in some more unusual items for experienced crafters looking for new inspiration.”

In the past, Danielle has worked for organisations such Amnesty International and the VSO, with which she spent a year in Sudan. In her spare time, she does a lot of crafts and often relaxes with a craft project in front of the TV in the evenings. However, she also admits to being more of a ‘starter’ than a ‘finisher’ and has contemplated to hold sessions at the shop, where people bring in projects they haven’t completed yet. I guess I would also be attending this one!

With craft activities becoming ever more popular with adults too, Make It! is hosting a range of workshops, from ‘Learn to love your sewing machine’, to knitting, felting and ‘Get hooked on Crochet’. As Danielle puts it “There seems to be a national craze for crochet”. So Chorlton, get your needles out and come down for a workshop.

I alluded to the elephant parade in my introduction and certainly cannot finish without telling you about it – what a beautiful project! Danielle and her team sold 100 papier-mâché elephants, asking participants to decorate them for a competition judged by two members of the Chorlton Traders Association. The entries look amazing!!! The imagination some people have is just admirable! Elephants with leg warmers, covered in glitter, embellished with feathers or painted with the most astonishing colours. The 4 categories are ‘aged under 8’, ‘age 8-12’, ‘aged over 12’ and ‘most Chorlton’ and the winners have each received a lovely (sur)prize. Even adults have taken part and one said “Thank you for helping me swerve my housework”.

If you like this project and are interested in write ups about other Chorlton’s indies, please find here links to posts about Epicerie Ludo, Chorlton Art Market, Arison Gallery and Elliott’s Fruit&Vegetables.


You will find the Make It! shop at: 488 Wilbraham Road, M21 9AS


baby photographer altrincham_0001baby photographer altrincham_0001

baby photographer altrincham_0002baby photographer altrincham_0002

baby photographer altrincham_0003baby photographer altrincham_0003

baby photographer altrincham_0004baby photographer altrincham_0004

baby photographer altrincham_0005baby photographer altrincham_0005

baby photographer altrincham_0006baby photographer altrincham_0006

baby photographer altrincham_0007baby photographer altrincham_0007 baby photographer altrincham_0008baby photographer altrincham_0008

baby photographer altrincham_0009baby photographer altrincham_0009


kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Children photographer Wilmslow maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Altrincham newborn photographer Cheshire newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester newborn photographer Stockport portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/5/local-and-loved-the-make-it-shop Thu, 14 May 2015 20:38:14 GMT
Guild of Photographers monthly competition: March's achievements http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/5/guild-of-photographers-monthly-competition-marchs-achievements In March I entered again 3 images into the Image of the Month competition with the Guild of Photographers. One image didn't score so well, but... I can hardly believe it myself, the two wedding images both scored well. One received a Bronze and the other even a silver! I am over the moon!!! You can see all the March silver and gold winners of the Guild here.

Both images were taken at Alicia's and Leon's wedding celebrations in Manchester City Centre. The first image was taken at the back of Manchester Central Library. We were on our way from the Midlands Hotel, where Alicia and Leon were getting ready, to The Room on King Street. As it often happens at weddings, time flies and schedules get a little squeezed. All the more proud I am that I have achieved this image in the 5 minutes we had left.

The second image was taken in Room. I loved the big mirror and the bannister and I am so glad that it all worked as I had envisaged it. But, of course, all this was only possible because of my beautiful clients Alicia and Leon! Thank you guys, you can expect a nice little present coming your way! And isn't this Jenny Packham gown just gorgeous, so elegant!


Wedding 02silver without frameWedding 02silver without frame

Wedding 01 bronzeWedding 01 bronze

kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Children photographer Wilmslow maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Altrincham newborn photographer Cheshire newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester newborn photographer Stockport portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/5/guild-of-photographers-monthly-competition-marchs-achievements Wed, 13 May 2015 22:27:03 GMT
Guild of Photographers monthly competition: February's achievements http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/4/manchester-baby-photographer-february-award-winning-images I promised myself to enter 3 images into competition each month this year. The reason being, it will push me to work harder, to set myself new challenges and to improve my skills. Getting better on a continuous stride is very important to me....as we say in German (this is a rough translation) 'the one who rests will gather dust', or you may be more familiar with 'a rolling stone gathers no moss'.  And, not only I will benefit from it but, more importantly, my customers too as they get a better quality product. Most of the time, it is only with the help of my customers that I achieve the images anyway. So a big shout out to my subjects for this month, Jenna, Chris and little Rowan!

Anyway, I don't want to keep you any longer, here are my two awards for February... in my two favourite categories at the moment, maternity and newborn :-)

Yours, Kati

Maternity 02 bronzeMaternity 02 bronze


Newborn 01 bronzeNewborn 01 bronze


kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Children photographer Wilmslow maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Altrincham newborn photographer Cheshire newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester newborn photographer Stockport portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/4/manchester-baby-photographer-february-award-winning-images Mon, 27 Apr 2015 17:52:35 GMT
Local and Loved: Elliott's - Fresh Fruit & Vegetable http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/4/children-photographer-Cheshire---elliotts-fresh-fruit-and-vegetable Welcome back to my project about Chorlton’s independents. If this is your first time visiting and you would like to find out more about this project, feel free to read blog number one, in which I also talk about Epicerie Ludo on Beech Road.

The forth indie I would like to introduce, this time back at the precinct, are Steph and Becky of Elliott’s Fruits and Vegetables. Two fascinating ladies - I was truly captivated by their story.

Becky used to work in the shop, where Elliott’s is now located, as a manager. Having been there for 8 years, Becky often thought it would be great to run the shop herself – to work for herself, to harvest the fruits of her hard work for herself and not somebody else. When the shop finally closed down, Becky and Steph took the opportunity to set up Elliott’s, their own fruit and vegetable shop. Running a business requires certain skills and Becky and Steph were lucky that their friend, who owned a camping shop at the time, helped them to get started. And only last month, on the 26th March, Elliott’s celebrated their three-year anniversary! Congratulations!!!

To my question what working in the precinct is like, Steph and Becky responded with a big smile: “the other business owners are great and we genuinely enjoy the lovely and friendly atmosphere. It’s much nicer and better used than it is always portrayed.” The Chorlton precinct is a little community on its own and businesses seem to be doing well, which is also proven by the regular customers that frequent Elliott’s. Steph and Becky especially enjoy their regular clients as they can see their children growing up and can so, to some degree, be part of their life.

How Steph and Becky named their green grocery was a specially heart warming story for me. Becky’s mum, who had sadly passed away by the time Steph and Becky opened the shop, was called Elliott. As Becky invested some of her mum’s inheritance into the shop, the name Elliott’s, in honour to her mum, was the only appropriate and logical name to use.

I really enjoy this project and looking behind the scenes of our Chorlton indies is just fascinating. For example, I found it incredible how much work goes into running a fresh produce shop. Steph and Becky work six days a week, every week.  Five days out of those six they get up at 5am to go to the green grocer market, ensuring their customers are supplied with the freshest produce only. And if that wasn’t enough, once they have closed the green grocery in the evening, Steph and Becky donate their time to the Mad Dog Street Project five days a week too!

You may have heard of the Mad Dog Street Project, an initiative to help the homeless of Manchester. Now running for 18 months, it was originally set up by a gentleman, delivering to the homeless once a week. At the beginning, butcher Frost donated meat and Elliott’s donated vegetables and fruits. However, when the project at some point needed better organisation, six people, including Steph and Becky, took over its running in January 2014.

The project currently has 105 volunteers and delivers goods such as water, hot meals, cakes and clothes to the streets of Manchester. As there are a few soup kitchens in the area of Piccadilly already, the Mad Dog Street Project concentrates on the outskirts of Manchester, starting every night in Withington and then running up Oxford Road and down Deansgate. The help is very well perceived by the individuals living on the streets of Manchester; possibly also due to the fact that the project is not organised by a religious group.

Apart from donations of food and clothes, funds for the project are also raised via the book sale at Elliott’s. The selling of used books, which has now become part of the Mad Dog Street Project, was originally just a temporary measure when a generous someone donated such a large amount of books, that Steph and Becky were a little overwhelmed with the quantity and placed them outside the shop for sale. Very quickly it has become so popular that more book donations followed, now even with schools donating. Also, some customers got into the habit of donating back their purchased books after having read them. Well, at 50 pence a book, it’s an absolute bargain for a fabulous cause! So far, from the book sale alone £3500 were raised!

If you would like to find out more about the Mad Dog Street Project, you can visit their website or check out their facebook page, more than 3000 people liked it already. You can also donate directly to Elliott’s in the precinct. Donations of food, books, clothes are always welcome, much appreciated and might even help the new project of renovating a hostel in Salford. Any donated clothes, which are not suitable or out of season, will be sold at the market that is taking place once a month outside the Post Box Café; all proceedings will of course go towards the MDSP. And if you would like to get involved as a volunteer, just sent a message to the Facebook page or an email to info@maddogsstreetproject.co.uk.

It is remarkable how much is involved in running your own business and independent store and I guess many of us have not put much thought into it. Therefore, I am sincerely hoping to raise a little awareness with this Chorlton project. If you are not already, maybe you can pay Chorlton’s indies a little visit now and then? You will be surprised how pleasant your shopping experience will be! So, please feel free to share these blogs with your friends and family. And if you have not seen the previous blogs, here is a link to the blog about Chorlton Art Market and Arison Gallery.


family photographer hale_0001family photographer hale_0001

family photographer hale_0006family photographer hale_0006

family photographer hale_0005family photographer hale_0005

family photographer hale_0004family photographer hale_0004

family photographer hale_0003family photographer hale_0003

family photographer hale_0007family photographer hale_0007

family photographer hale_0002family photographer hale_0002

family photographer hale_0008family photographer hale_0008

kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Children photographer Cheshire children photographer Manchester maternity photographer Cheshire maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Cheshire newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Chorlton wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/4/children-photographer-Cheshire---elliotts-fresh-fruit-and-vegetable Wed, 15 Apr 2015 16:05:21 GMT
Local and Loved - Arison Gallery http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/3/baby-photographer-manchester---arison-gallery  

Today’s story is especially close to my heart! As a photographer, I passionately believe that framing memories and displaying them on walls is important. This way, not only can we enjoy those every day but also, we preserve our memories as heirlooms for our children and grandchildren. In our digital age, no one can predict how long hard drives and the digital medium will last. Anything that is not printed may be lost for future generations.  So, I guess I don’t need to stress how much I enjoyed visiting Paul at Arison Gallery and getting an insight into the world of framing.

Paul started his career in picture framing in 1982 and has been framing ever since - a passion that seems to have accompanied and hence shaped Paul’s life. In 1987, he moved from Glasgow to Manchester and worked for different framing companies, until he started his job at Arison in Chorlton in 1999. Arison Craft, as it was called then, was established in 1976 by a husband and wife team. In 2000, Paul had been working at Arison for just over a year, the owners decided to move on and so Paul seized the opportunity and purchased the framing shop.

As Paul wanted to widen the potential of the premise, he introduced exhibitions and consequently renamed it Arison Gallery. Providing an exhibition space proved to be very successful. Last year, Paul held 8 exhibitions. Exhibitions vary, showing the work of one particular artist or focus on a certain theme with a mixture of different artists.

In addition, Arison Gallery is running a children’s art competition, which is a fantastic way of involving children in the arts. The competition is run in conjunction with the Chorlton Arts Festival and is judged by a local artist. Hundreds of children aged 4 to 14 take part every year. There are no rules or guidelines; anything from sculpture to photography and collages is accepted. At the end, every child receives a certificate of participation and the top three win a price sponsored by Conrad, Chorlton’s arts and crafts shop.

The majority of Arison’s income does still come from framing though. People frame all sorts of nice things: artwork, photographs, memorabilia such as boxing gloves or football shirts, and very popular this year – the poppies that were displayed at the Tower of London to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI. I was fortunate to be shown to Paul’s workshop and I was truly fascinated that everything is still manufactured and assembled manually. Genuine craftsmanship! A very rare thing these days -  makes me all nostalgic again :-)

Arison is interesting in another aspect as the retail space is shared by two businesses – Arison, the Gallery, and a hairdressing and beautician shop, run by Gail Hunter. And it has been operating this way since its establishment in 1976. This also means that Arison Gallery will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2016! Exciting!!! Paul is planning lots of interesting activities, so stay tuned!

And finally, did you know that Paul is also acting and playing the piano - how admirable is this!


Next week, it’s Elliott's veg and fruit on the blog.

And have you seen my first two blogs on Epicerie Ludo and Chorlton Art Market yet?


Baby photographer Cheshire_0024Baby photographer Cheshire_0024

Baby photographer Cheshire_0018Baby photographer Cheshire_0018

Baby photographer Cheshire_0019Baby photographer Cheshire_0019

Baby photographer Cheshire_0020Baby photographer Cheshire_0020

Baby photographer Cheshire_0021Baby photographer Cheshire_0021

Baby photographer Cheshire_0022Baby photographer Cheshire_0022

Baby photographer Cheshire_0023Baby photographer Cheshire_0023

kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Children photographer Cheshire children photographer Manchester maternity photographer Cheshire maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Cheshire newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Chorlton wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/3/baby-photographer-manchester---arison-gallery Mon, 30 Mar 2015 16:09:05 GMT
Local and Loved - Chorlton Art Market http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/3/children-photographer-manchester---chorlton-art-market Woohoo, big thanks to Ann Prax from The Best of Manchester for her suggestion on the title of my project - Local and Loved it is! 

Number two of many more blogs to come about Chorlton’s indies! You may have seen the piece on Epicerie Ludo last week? Well worth a read as it also gives a little introduction about my project and my motivation behind it.

My second visit to photograph and interview a local trader took me to the Chorlton Art Market (CAM) in Chorlton’s precinct. This wonderful shop, which gives so many local designers and artist a retail platform, was set up and is run by Alice.

In her previous career, Alice had worked in health care but has simultaneously done craft fairs for a long time. When Alice has had her daughter, she spent more time in Chorlton and saw some potential in Chorlton’s precinct. Working passionately on her beliefs, Alice opened her first trial art market in the precinct at the end of 2013 and had been running little pop up markets since. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, the opportunity for a shop unit opened up. Initially setting up for the busy Christmas period in November 2014, the Chorlton Art Market was so well perceived that Alice looked into longer-term possibilities. There were some hurdles to climb but she did it! Chorlton Art Market is now open permanently, or at least for the near future.

Working in the shop has had a positive effect on Alice’s life. Her boyfriend joined her in the business, and now both get to spend more time with their daughter as well as with each other. I guess many a self-employed would agree that, although working for yourself can be worrying at times due to high rents and business rates combined with the insecurities of a certain income, but doing what you love and you are passionate about is so rewarding and greatly outweighs other concerns and possibly even makes you work that little bit harder.

The people of Chorlton seem to love the Chorlton Art Market and some have even become repeat customers. Alice is able to greet them by name, and hence provides a customer service, which makes shopping local and at independents so special. And lets not forget the great opportunity the CAM provides for all those creatives.  The CAM currently houses the work of 72 artists and designers, from vintage clothing, to baby and child items, home ware such as rugs and cushions, to cards, soaps and artwork. There is literally something for everyone and it is guaranteed that one can find a nice present in every price range. The Chorlton Art Market may entice more people visiting the precinct and possibly help it to become once again a lively community hub - Alice's vision.

Come back next week,  Arison Gallery is going to be on the blog!


Children photographer Cheshire_0010Children photographer Cheshire_0010

Children photographer Cheshire_0011Children photographer Cheshire_0011

Children photographer Cheshire_0012Children photographer Cheshire_0012

Children photographer Cheshire_0013Children photographer Cheshire_0013

Children photographer Cheshire_0015Children photographer Cheshire_0015

Children photographer Cheshire_0016Children photographer Cheshire_0016

Children photographer Cheshire_0014Children photographer Cheshire_0014

kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Children photographer Cheshire children photographer Manchester maternity photographer Cheshire maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Cheshire newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Chorlton wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/3/children-photographer-manchester---chorlton-art-market Tue, 17 Mar 2015 17:27:39 GMT
Manchester Portrait Photographer - My Project on Chorlton's Independents http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/3/local-and-loved---Epicerie-Ludo This is the first in a serious of blogs about my new personal project: a project on independent traders and shop owners that make Chorlton what it is today  - a suburb with bohemian character.

The aim of my project is to introduce you to the faces behind Chorlton’s shop doors. I want to celebrate the people who love what they do and who believe in what they do while being in competition with big chains every single day. These individuals are determined to serve their community by providing them with a variety of products, sourced fresh, locally or even continentally. Not only are their customers offered a great choice but they are also presented with the opportunity to support small and local producers, designers and artisan. Considering the high costs and commitment involved of running a business on the high street, I believe Chorlton’s indies ought to be cherished!

For me, the project is twofold. I would like to honour Chorlton’s independents because they make Chorlton the lovely place it is. In addition, I also have personal attachment as it reminds me of my home. I reckon it also takes many of us back to our childhood, a time when the butcher, the bakery, the green grocer, the little sweet shop were the places to go to on a daily basis. So, I hope many of you will agree that it is worth celebrating that these places still exist. Some of the local shops may charge more than the big chains, but not only does the quality of their products often exceed our expectations but the shopping experience is also much more personal and enjoyable.

My second incentive for this project is to challenge myself by creating traditional (or classical) black and white portraits; to stretch my skills whilst telling the story of the place, which I have been calling my home for over seven years now.

The first in my series of Chorlton’s independents is Epicerie Ludo, a grocery story and wine merchant on Beech Road in Chorlton. Some of my readers might remember a blog earlier last year about Ludo and his fantastic delicatessen shop. I have photographed his premises before and we have been working together ever since.

Ludo (short for Ludovic) initially moved from France to London, where he was living for a while until his company asked him to move to Manchester. In Manchester, he met his partner. How lovely is that! Although going back to London for a short while again, he eventually settled in Manchester and became, as he calls himself, a Francunian (French Mancunian). Long term, Ludo felt unsatisfied working in the same place and so the idea of opening his own French deli was planted and grew stronger every day.

In December 2011, Ludo & Darren opened Epicerie Ludo on Beech Road. They searched hard to select the best of local, British, French and Continental products to create a wonderful shopping experience.

Right from the start, Epicerie Ludo wanted to reduce their environmental impact as much as they could and consequently always try to seek out artisan suppliers that care about quality ingredients, which are sourced carefully and with consideration. Finding many products locally, they also encourage continued sustainability for their suppliers in return.

Not long into their journey, offering many different products such as cheese and wine, the requests from the local community for Ludo selling bread grew louder. Epicerie Ludo now produces bread on demand to ensure its freshness all day long. This is the great advantage about the shops in our local streets: the person that owns it wants every single customer to be happy and hence will listen to his or her needs and wishes.

Epicerie Ludo also considers working patterns and hours of us Chorltonites by being open every day from 9am to 10pm. One is able to fetch lovely fresh bread and sausages for dinner, despite having worked till 8pm, or to get some scrumptious pralines on the way to a friend’s house late in the evening.

The team at Ludo share a passion for their products and are committed to offering outstanding levels of customer service. They are always friendly and above all knowledgeable.

How well perceived Epicerie Ludo is, is shown by its success: in November 2013 Ludo won ‘Hero of the Highstreet’, a competition run by MEN in conjunction with American Express for Small Business Saturday, and in autumn 2014 Best Food & Drink Retailer in the Manchester Food and Drink Festival.

Epicerie Ludo regularly work with local charities, provide support and assist with fundraising activities, which also includes collections in the shop. To name but a few, they donate all proceeds from the sale of Tag cards (a local discount loyalty card) to Francis House Children's Hospice. Furthermore, they support charities by offering hampers full of goodness as raffle prizes.

So, if you have never been to Epicerie Ludo, you should pay them a visit because you are seriously missing out on some local goodness!

Before I leave you with the images below, I need to ask you, dear reader, for a favour, please! I have tried hard to think local, indies, Chorlton, portraits, high street but I have yet to find a title for my project. So, if you have some ideas, I would love to hear them! Please feel free to comment below.


Family photographer Cheshire_0000Family photographer Cheshire_0000

Family photographer Cheshire_0001Family photographer Cheshire_0001

Family photographer Cheshire_0002Family photographer Cheshire_0002

Family photographer Cheshire_0003Family photographer Cheshire_0003

Family photographer Cheshire_0004Family photographer Cheshire_0004

Family photographer Cheshire_0005Family photographer Cheshire_0005

Family photographer Cheshire_0007Family photographer Cheshire_0007

Family photographer Cheshire_0006Family photographer Cheshire_0006

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January Awards - Family Photographer Cheshire http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/2/january-awards---family-photographer-cheshire Photography competitions - they are great to boost your confidence and push you to face and accept new challenges. I have been entering competitions on a regular basis to achieve exactly that, set myself new boundaries and improve my skills. I believe there is never a time to stop learning, one can always get better!

Last year, I was so busy at some point that I did not have the time to enter competitions anymore. I did so at the beginning of the year but then, I was overwhelmed with work and my business had to take priority. So, this year, I set myself the goal to enter every month (if I can discipline myself). I am planning on setting a few shots up to create competition images and will look for children as well as grown up models throughout the year. So keep your eyes and ears open, anyone taking part will receive images in return for their time.

Since I am a member of the Guild of Photographers, I usually enter their competitions. For January, I entered three images and won an award for all three of them! I am pretty happy with that. Now fingers crossed for the next month :-)

Love, Kati

Jan other bronzeJan other bronze

Jan Bronze Children01Jan Bronze Children01

Jan bronze Children02Jan bronze Children02

kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Children photographer Wilmslow maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Altrincham newborn photographer Cheshire newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester newborn photographer Stockport portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/2/january-awards---family-photographer-cheshire Mon, 23 Feb 2015 18:30:23 GMT
Storytelling and Fujifilm - A most inspiring workshop at Aspire http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/2/storytelling-and-fujifilm---Family-photographer-Cheshire Last week I attended another workshop at Aspire Photography Training, titled ‘Becoming a Storyteller’. This is a workshop in cooperation with Fujifilm and one has the opportunity to become acquainted and familiar with the Fuji X series, a new generation of cameras for professional photographers. Lucky me, I had won this course in a summer selfie competition. A shadow of me on my bicycle. Thank you Aspire!

It was a truly enjoyable day for me. I could take a break from the daily routine of my business and just play with new gear and ideas. The ladies at Aspire are always so creative and inspiring! The theme of the workshop was love and Valentine and we have had two beautiful models gorgeously styled. There were loads of love related little artifacts such as hearts, and roses and apples and and and. But best of all, rose rollers, how amazing is that! So, a massive compliment goes to the talented hair stylist too!

Playing with the Fuji x series was a great experience. I have been avoiding engaging with this new technology as I knew it would entice me. Many professional photographers seem to change to this new generation of cameras, either as their second camera or even converting completely. Considering the quality of the images, it is very tempting. There are so much smaller and hence so much lighter than conventional DSLRs. This is not only helpful for the photographer, but also, since the camera appears to be less intimating or obvious to the subject, it can be of great benefit in many situations, be that at weddings or at family photo sessions. Most of us are shy and don’t feel comfortable being photographed, so a smaller camera can be very useful. The strongest point for me as a female photographer is the weight though. These little devils are so incredibly light that even a long wedding day seems manageable without getting tired arms, wrists and hands.

However, considering how much we have all invested into our professional gear, switching to a different system, even though it is a little less costly than the traditional pro DSLR, does bear its burden. One needs a complete new set of lenses, batteries, in some cases memory cards and so on…. But then, they are incredibly light and the image quality is nothing short of amazing!

So, I would like to thank all the team at Aspire, especially Catherine Connor and Tamara Peel who guided us through the day, as well as Fujifilm and John Grayston for giving us the opportunity to ‘play’ with all sorts of cameras and lenses. Having been at Aspire’s HQ in Cumbria, I always come away refreshed, relaxed and above all inspired and motivated!

Enjoy the images,

Love Kati


family photographer Cheshire_0024family photographer Cheshire_0024


family photographer Cheshire_0027family photographer Cheshire_0027


family photographer Cheshire_0025family photographer Cheshire_0025


family photographer Cheshire_0021family photographer Cheshire_0021

family photographer Cheshire_0028family photographer Cheshire_0028

family photographer Cheshire_0026family photographer Cheshire_0026


family photographer Cheshire_0022family photographer Cheshire_0022


family photographer Cheshire_0030family photographer Cheshire_0030


family photographer Cheshire_0029family photographer Cheshire_0029


family photographer Cheshire_0031family photographer Cheshire_0031

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Valentine's Offer - Family photographer Cheshire http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/1/valentines-offer---newborn-photographer-cheshire Hello everyone! Are you also longing for longer days and sunshine? Maybe for some energy? And possibly some mojo? I have certainly had enough of the cold and wet weather that is not a proper winter. I see all those beautiful images of snow on social media and wish we had some, just a few flakes that make everything more pretty!

So, to beat the winter blues, and in respect of up-coming Valentine's day, I would like to offer a session with digital package at a hugely reduced price. Let me create your memories today, memories make us smile!

You will get the full experience of any of my portrait sessions for the fantastic price of £250, which is worth £535. This is an absolute bargain and might not be happening again this year. So take advantage, whether it is for yourself or as a Valentine's present for your lovely partner!


The offer is valid for any portrait session, may that be newborn, children, family or couple, and includes the following:

Session Fee

Photography Session (length depending on kind of session)

Viewing appointment

10 digital high resolution images with printing permission


To book, simply send an email, using this link, quote VALENTINE and don't forget your phone number so that I can ring you back at your convenience.

Newborn photographer Cheshire_0017Newborn photographer Cheshire_0017


Please note that the following conditions apply:

The full charge must be paid at time of booking

The booking must take place before the 28th February 2015

The Session must have taken place by the end of June 2015

Offer ends 13th February 2015


I am looking forward to hear from you!

Kati x


kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/1/valentines-offer---newborn-photographer-cheshire Wed, 28 Jan 2015 17:05:04 GMT
My Portraits of 2014 - Family Photographer Manchester, North West http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/1/portraits-of-2014---family-photographer-manchester-north-west Hello and a warm welcome to my first blog of 2015!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break, being gifted with lots of lovely things while surrounded by your family and friends!

As we have had experienced some family bereavements just before Christmas, my husband and me decided to go away on holidays over Christmas. To forget and just to relax. We had a lovely and romantic break in Amsterdam. Although when it snowed everywhere in Europe and the UK, we didn't get to see a single flake! But Amsterdam is beautiful in any weather and we had a magical time.

2014 has been a wonderful year for my business. I had the fortune of photographing so many happy babies, children and families. My year was filled with delightful clients! I would like to thank each and everyone of you for believing in and trusting me! Without you, nothing of this would have been possible. I appreciate all your support and will do my utmost to uphold and continue to improve the standard of my work. I have collated some of my favourite images in a slideshow.

May 2015 bring you happiness, success, health and anything and everything you wish for!

Love Kati



kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Chorlton wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2015/1/portraits-of-2014---family-photographer-manchester-north-west Sat, 10 Jan 2015 16:11:07 GMT
Family photographer Manchester - Autumn Mini Photo Sessions http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2014/10/family-photographer-manchester---autumn-mini-photo-sessions Hello, and welcome!

To celebrate the magical season of autumn, I will be holding Autumn Mini Photography Sessions. They are an ideal opportunity to get some professional photographs taken of your children without having to commit to a bespoke session. Great value and perfect in time to get your Christmas presents!

The sessions will be held on 10th and 11th October 2014, in Longford Park, Stretford/Chorlton, and are 30 mins long. They are suitable for children aged 1 and above and the session fee is £125. In your session fee included are 5 digital images, which you can use for prints, products and presents as many times as you wish.

If you are interested in a complete package with presents ready to go, so that you don't have any fuss running around getting your own prints and presents, I will also have gift packages available. Please just ask me.

What if it is raining you may ask? I embrace the rain! Rain is part of autumn and let's face it, a big part of Manchester life :-) Unless it is raining cats and dogs, which would make your little rascals uncomfortable, sessions will go ahead.

Mini sessions are usually quite popular, so you are advised to book as early as possible. Please also note that the session fee is payable in full in advance to secure your place.

family photographer Cheshire_0009family photographer Cheshire_0009 family photographer Cheshire_0007family photographer Cheshire_0007 family photographer Cheshire_0006family photographer Cheshire_0006 family photographer Cheshire_0004family photographer Cheshire_0004 family photographer Cheshire_0002family photographer Cheshire_0002

Please contact me via email at hello@katiphotography.co.uk or call me on 07979 005605. My contact details can also be found here.

See you in the park!

Love, Kati x




kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester wedding photographer Chorlton wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2014/10/family-photographer-manchester---autumn-mini-photo-sessions Fri, 03 Oct 2014 18:13:07 GMT
Pikture That Fotografy becomes Kati Photography: Rebrand of a photography business in Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2014/9/pikture-that-fotografy-becomes-kati-photography Hi and hello from Kati Photography! I am so excited to tell you all about my new name, my new brand. I smile because I can see many of you feeling relieved that I have departed from Pikture That Fotografy. Yes, it was hard to spell and not the easiest to remember. Now it will be much easier (or so I hope). I am Kati and my photography business is Kati Photography. Clear and to the point.

I am aware that changing your business name is not something that should be done lightly. There is far too much involved and it could confuse your customers. However, after careful deliberation and quite some time considering the impact it would have for my business as well as for my clients, I decided that I need to go ahead with rebranding to take my business in the direction I would like to go.

I did not like the name Pikture That anymore… It’s not my brand, it’s not me. It sounds like a large company with several employees rather than an independent business that offers a personal service, tailored to my clients. I need my brand to represent me, the artist who creates your wonderful memories, my personal approach and my bespoke service; and possibly to reveal something of my personality too. Well, my most obvious characteristic, which anyone will notice soon after they have met me is that I love flowers and the colour yellow. But you may have guessed that already from the design of my logo :-)

Complete logoComplete logo

Anyway, as I mentioned before, the spelling of Pikture That was just too difficult. This in turn made it hard to search for on the internet. Moreover, having to spell or write out the email address was simply tedious. I know that now. I guess we all start somewhere and we all make mistakes when embarking on something new. I have to admit I made many. Up to this point, I had spent all of my working life caring for the critically ill or reading Ancient History at university. So running a photography business was a steep learning curve for me. The time a self-employed photographer actually spends  photographing covers only 20% of his/her time. The rest of the time is filled with answering enquiries, bookkeeping and accounts, marketing to make yourself known, editing and designing, learning and much more.  I am proud to say that I have grown my little enterprise into a thriving business. And my happy customers are testimony to it :-)

But why Kati Photography, you might ask. A large proportion of photography businesses run under their personal name. Which faced me with a new problem: my surname. Having Fichtelmann in my business name wouldn’t have made things less confusing. If I was still living in my country of origin, this could have been an advantage as Fichtelmann is a rare and actually quite funny name in German; easy to remember. But in English? Well, I guess I have to so no more :-) So, I decided to go for Kati only instead. I am hopeful it will make things much more straight forward for my clients.

There are still many things that need to be done as there is so much involved in rebranding: from changing your domain name, emails, to creating new brochures and price list and so much more. But I am slowly getting there.

I hope my customers will all like my new identity and I look forward to working with each and every one of you in the future!

Lots of love,


Kati Photography

kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Pikture That Fotografy is now Kati Photography Pikture That Fotografy rebrands to new business name maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester rebranding photography business rebranding photography business Cheshire wedding photographer Chorlton wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2014/9/pikture-that-fotografy-becomes-kati-photography Fri, 26 Sep 2014 17:21:43 GMT
Manchester Family Photographer - A Same Sex Family Portrait Session http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2014/9/manchester-family-photographer---a-same-sex-family-portrait-session Hurray for gender equality in the UK!

Back in July, I was privileged to take photographs of Gina, Rachael and Alex. Gina and Rachael had just got married 2 weeks before that! Congratulations to you guys again!!! You are such a lovely couple!

I took Gina, Rachael and Alex to Longford Park between Stretford and Chorlton, Manchester, for some lifestyle family photography. I had so much fun shooting this lovely family! They were all great models.

Most of the time, if you have your photographs taken professionally for the first time, you might be a bit apprehensive and shy. So be it. Don’t worry about it too much and just be yourself, the rest will come. My approach is relaxed and natural, I won’t pose you much and let you just enjoy the experience. And that is exactly what we did together. And I think I am not wrong in saying that the entire family enjoyed their first photo shoot. 

And Alex.... he is one cool dude!

Lifestyle photographer North West -  Longford Park Stretford_0004Lifestyle photographer North West - Longford Park Stretford_0004

Same gender family photographer Manchester_0005Same gender family photographer Manchester_0005 Same gender family photographer Chorlton, South Manchester_0006Same gender family photographer Chorlton, South Manchester_0006 Family photographer Manchester -  Longford Park Stretford_0003Family photographer Manchester - Longford Park Stretford_0003 Same Sex Family photographer Manchester_0002Same Sex Family photographer Manchester_0002 Same Sex Family photographer Cheshire_0001Same Sex Family photographer Cheshire_0001


On another note, it is now nearly two years ago that I photographed the civil ceremony of Sharon and Becks in Warrington and it was such a fun day. A day full of love and emotions! How time just flies! I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the two to their anniversary, which is approaching soon.

I am very much looking forward to photographing more same gender families, weddings and civil ceremonies.

Kati x

kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Longford Park Manchester Stretford engagement maternity photographer Manchester newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester portrait photographer Chorlton portrait photographer Manchester same gender family photographer Cheshire same gender photographer Manchester same gender wedding photographer Cheshire same sex family photographer same sex family photographer Cheshire same sex wedding photographer manchester wedding photographer Chorlton wedding photographer Manchester http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2014/9/manchester-family-photographer---a-same-sex-family-portrait-session Mon, 08 Sep 2014 11:53:05 GMT
Family Photographer South Manchester - My amazing days at Aspire Photography Training http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2014/8/family-photographer-south-manchester---my-amazing-days-at-aspire-photography-training In April, I went to a fabulous 4 days business training course with Aspire Photography Training in Burton-in-Kendal. An award winning training school, Aspire is world-renowned for its range of seminars and training courses that equip you with a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and practical know-how, taking your photography to new heights. Oh and what a great time I had!!! It is so inspiring to train with successful and amazingly skilled photographers and business people alike. Not only did I learn loads and loads about the running of a business, I have also made some great new friends!

I believe it is immensely important for any photographer to constantly work on their skills and aim to achieve the best for their clients. Being a perfectionist, I want to give my customers an outstanding photography experience; they should feel comfortable with me, feel a little special and remember my services fondly. Thus, I am working hard to improve my skills all the time. This time, the course I attended was mainly about the successful running of a business, which, of course, also includes excellent customer service. Unfortunately, making your passion into a business sounds easier than reality proves to be. Trying to make a living as a photographer is harder than some may think. There is so much work behind the scenes, such as editing of images, sourcing the best products for clients, keeping track of the accounts, sourcing props to customise the photography sessions and so much more, which also needs to be accounted for. And there is the artistic side: we photographers, like any other artist, are emotionally attached to our creations. It is not just a job we do, it's often a hobby turned into a business. Creating beautiful photographs but being able to pay mortgage and bills at the same time can be quite a challenge.

Thus, my training at Aspire was long overdue and I enjoyed every single minute of it. We talked about marketing, networking, selling and many more topics all so important to make it all work. If you are a photographer, or aspire to be one, I would recommend them warmly. A truly rewarding investment!

One of the four days I have spent at Aspire was dedicated to photographing a beautiful family, a stunning teenager aspiring to be a model as well as a gorgeous couple. Everyone was truly talented and such a pleasure to photograph. But see for yourself below.

Family photographer Cheshire_0024Family photographer Cheshire_0024 Family photographer Cheshire_0026Family photographer Cheshire_0026 Family photographer Cheshire_0019Family photographer Cheshire_0019 Family photographer Cheshire_0021Family photographer Cheshire_0021 Family photographer Cheshire_0020Family photographer Cheshire_0020 Family photographer Cheshire_0022Family photographer Cheshire_0022


And some behind the scenes images too.

Family photographer Cheshire_0023Family photographer Cheshire_0023 Family photographer Cheshire_0025Family photographer Cheshire_0025


Oh, and can you believe it, I will go back to beautiful Cumbria in November as I have recently won another course with Aspire! How lucky am I!!! I can't wait!!!

Love Kati x


kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Familly Lifestyle Photographer Chorlton Family photographer South Manchester Famliy Photographer Manchester Lifestyle Photography Newborn Photographer South Manchester Newborn photographer Chorlton http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2014/8/family-photographer-south-manchester---my-amazing-days-at-aspire-photography-training Fri, 15 Aug 2014 22:31:05 GMT
Newborn photographer Cheshire - Twin girls and a sister http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2014/7/newborn-photographer-cheshire---twin-girls-and-a-sister I can't quite believe that 2 months have already passed since my last blog. I was doing very well at the beginning of the year; I guess the new years resolutions kept me going for a while. You plan to make certain changes but then life catches up with you, and you don’t even realise you have slipped into the old same habits you intended to change in the first place. It’s the same with fitness and activity. Do you know what I am talking about? I usually don’t last long due to lack of time (or that is my excuse anyway). Working two jobs is very time consuming. At least I have the excuse that I cycle 8 miles a few days a week. I guess that’s not too bad.

Today I would like to share a very special photo session with you. I don’t write about every session as I don’t want to bore my readers and also because not every client would like to be seen on the internet. However, this photo shoot was rather memorable as it gave me the chance to photograph newborn twins for the first time.  Two gorgeous girls called Bethany and Caitlyn, only three weeks old at the time. I have had the pleasure of photographing their big sister Evie before. And now all three girls together! Oh it was a joy!

As you can imagine, soothing one newborn to sleep in order to capture those precious poses is hard work, but two at once -  well, it is not impossible! It just needs a little bit more patience.  And some patience ;-) As so often in these sessions, I got weed on, this time on top, trousers and socks simultaneously. But that is part of the experience and I don’t mind at all! It’s still better than poo :-)

Anyway, all three girls were absolute super stars. We convinced Evie to have her picture taken together with her little sisters and then the twin girlies even slept for a little while for me, and that at the same time. I believe I can speak for the parents when I say that the session was a success.

The parents, Dawn and Tom send me these lovely words: “Your photos are beautiful and have really captured the spirit of all of us. We are so pleased with all your photos right from the start. You are really talented and I hope your business grows and grows. We will always remember you as we will have the photos forever and to pass on to the children. We will treasure the photos and look forward to our next photo shoot of our family.” It is so heart warming when the people I photograph are happy with the results. I have to admit it even brought tears to my eyes.

Dawn and Tom decided to have their favourite images mounted in a beautiful wooden frame and I hope it is hanging on their wall by now :-) Thank you, it was a pleasure and I am looking forward to photograph your family again.


Lots of love,

Kati xxx

Dawn T-5-newborn photographer ManchesterDawn T-5-newborn photographer Manchester


Dawn T-23-newborn photographer ManchesterDawn T-23-newborn photographer Manchester


Dawn T-21-newborn photographer ManchesterDawn T-21-newborn photographer Manchester


Dawn T-14-newborn photographer ManchesterDawn T-14-newborn photographer Manchester


Dawn T-7-newborn photographer ManchesterDawn T-7-newborn photographer Manchester


Dawn T-1-newborn photographer ManchesterDawn T-1-newborn photographer Manchester


Dawn T-17-newborn photographer ManchesterDawn T-17-newborn photographer Manchester


kati@katiphotography.co.uk (Kati Photography) Manchester baby engagement families family photographer Chorlton family photographer Northwest maternity photographer Manchester newborn newborn photographer Cheshire newborn photographer Chorlton newborn photographer Manchester newborn photography Cheshire newborn photography Manchester photography portrait photographer Chorlton http://www.katiphotography.com/blog/2014/7/newborn-photographer-cheshire---twin-girls-and-a-sister Thu, 10 Jul 2014 21:45:22 GMT